5 Free Websites for Finding Source Material Online

At some point in your academic life, you will have to conduct research for your academic assignment. Be it PhD research or going through books or journals in the library, researching is the first step. With several research portals available online, it can be difficult to find a source which is both trustworthy and offers free access to research papers, journal articles and books.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 free websites with some great source material. These resources offer an extensive range of information in various subjects. Finance, technology, political sciences, economics to biology and health care are all covered. Additionally, these websites act as a centralised platform and offer students literature on any topic with just the click of a button.


  1. Google Scholar

This is one of the most widely used websites for conducting academic researches. Google Scholar is a web search engine which specialises in scholarly literature available across a wide array of publishing formats. From full-text journal articles to technical reports, thesis, books, web pages and other documents, you will get everything scholarly on this website.


  1. Microsoft Academic

A yet another leading search engine for academic resources, Microsoft Academic offers over 48 million publications written by more than 20 million authors. This search engine boasts indexes ranging from engineering and technology to biology and social science. Furthermore, users can even conduct customised searches based on topic, author name, journals, etc.


  1. Science Open

Science Open is a great hub for researchers looking for scholarly publications. A highly professional and completely free website, Science Open specialises in article aggregation, peer review, indexing and smart search. Users can even publish their own papers or share scientific write-ups and information in addition to reviewing the papers available on this website.


  1. Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub gives its users free access to millions of books and research paper irrespective of the copyright. This website is widely used by researchers all over the world has received both appreciation and criticism for providing free access to academic and scientific knowledge generated by the academic community.


  1. Library Genesis

Another database consisting of more than 2.7 million books and over 58 million science journals, Library Genesis offers free access to its database. These books and journals cover a vast number of topics based on various subjects. Users can easily access PDF formats of these books and even download it for later use.


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