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What Is a Personal Statement?

Generally speaking, a personal statement is a supporting document used when you apply to study at a college or a university. While this sounds simple enough, many applicants fail to write a top-class text for this purpose. Most of them know how to write a research assignment and can Google some additional tips for writing assignments. Unfortunately, personal statements go well beyond this level. On the one hand, you need to inform the university or college about your background including your practical skills, achievements, past experiences, and personal interests. It is largely similar to introducing oneself to a new person in order to establish a conversation. On the other hand, an applicant has to describe their professional endeavours and explain why a particular educational institution is the best one for their realisation. It is a chemistry of sorts where you have to express your admiration for another person while also showing how they can benefit from your future cooperation. Finding the delicate balance between being too formal and excessively focusing on your hobbies and personal achievements is a challenging task. The problem is that most people facing this problem have never written a personal statement before.


How Can Our Personal Statements Service Be of Use to You?

An ancient Belgian proverb states that experience is the comb that Nature gives us after we are bald. Too many times, we find out how to start writing an assignment just when we have finished it. The trial and error path in education may be highly interesting in the long-term perspective. However, learning about your past mistakes is of no use if you have lost your only chance to leave a lasting first impression. Here are some key problems with personal statements writing encountered by our company experts throughout the years of providing help in assignment writing:

  • Applicants tend to underestimate the relevance of all personal achievements such as education, volunteering, relevant employment experience or vocational training.
  • Too much attention is paid to irrelevant details such as retelling the contents of attached certificates or CVs. On the contrary, important personal information is often neglected.
  • Personal applications seem like ‘copy and paste’ forms that do not recognise the uniqueness of individual colleges, universities or educational programmes.
  • The statements do not show any ‘chemistry’ between the applicant and the institution in terms of matching interests, potential mutual benefits or specific qualifications that a future student is planning to obtain there.


The Benefits of our Personal Statement Writing Service

As a professional writing service, we have completed hundreds of reflective writing assignment and persuasive writing assignment orders over the years. If you are applying to a popular university, chances are we have already revised or created personal statements for its current students. We know the strong points and arguments that need to be present in a good text and we are willing to work with you to highlight the unique qualities and skills possessed by you as a learner. Believe us, admissions tutors love seeing the applicants who openly state their strengths and motivations and are ready to demonstrate what they are willing to achieve with them.

In most cases, it is possible to substantially improve your personal representation quality by focusing on your lived experiences, ambitions, achievements, and professional interests. Instead of the ‘ready-made’ templates frequently found online, we always start with analysing your unique background and building the reflective parts of your document upon it. This makes your personal statement truly one-of-a-kind. We also provide this form of documents for any degree ranging from Bachelors to PhD. Our personal statement writing service may be especially appealing to you if you have short deadlines or if you need to complete several unique applications for multiple universities of choice. Protection Status