An Ultimate Guide to Academic Referencing


Why Referencing Is Important? The process of acknowledging the sources used in an academic paper, essay or assignment is known as referencing. Referencing comes handy when a reader wishes to access the source of the information used in an article. It also allows for easy assessment of academic dissertations as tutors can easily verify the…

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The Ultimate Guide to Exam and Revision Tips for Students

university exam

University exams are frequently called one of the most stressful elements of student life. Many of our clients complain that they face problems with preparation processes due to extreme levels of stress and insufficient availability of revision materials. Other cited factors include poor scheduling of academic workloads leading to the inability to find sufficient time…

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How to take notes in your Master’s lectures that will actually help

masters lecture notes

Taking notes in Masters lectures is one of the most important factors that could help you in your exam preparations. Although most students take notes, many of them are unaware of the right way to take notes. This article will help students in understanding how to take notes in the correct manner so that these…

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Study Smarter! 100 Revision Tips to Help You Pass Any Exam [Updated for 2022]

revision tips for sitting an exam

Exams are, probably, the most stressful part of the curriculum for hundreds of first-year students. They are expected to demonstrate all knowledge acquired throughout multiple months as well as their research skills. In most cases, exams also contribute the largest number of marks to your course grade. This psychological pressure frequently takes its toll on…

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