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How to take notes in your Master’s lectures that will actually help

masters lecture notes

Taking notes in Masters lectures is one of the most important factors that could help you in your exam preparations. Although most students take notes, many of them are unaware of the right way to take notes. This article will help students in understanding how to take notes in the correct manner so that these…

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Everything There is to Know About Re-sit Exams and How to Pass Them

resit exams

Summertime can be a tricky period for students. While most students plan to relax and engage in new activities, some are faced with the challenge of resubmitting coursework and taking re-sit exams. This article will help you in understanding everything about re-sit exams and how to pass them. Key Aspects of Re-sit exams Most universities…

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How to Survive Your First Exam Season

Exam revision tips

So, you have survived freshers’ week and now you are concerned about how to withstand your first exam session. This challenge may be substantially more stressful than the previous ones and a poor strategy can really be a deal breaker for you. You can check our last-minute revision tips to avoid panic before the exam, but…

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Tips for Last Minute Revision

making notes for last minute revision

We have all been there when we are panicking last minute for an exam the next day. It may be that you had too many exams in the same week to be able to schedule a proper revision sessions for this one, or you may have just been avoiding revision all together. Either way, here…

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Exam and Revision Tips for Students

revision and exam tips for students

With January exams looming, and the festivities of Christmas and New Years over, you may be finding it hard to develop a consecutive plan of getting prepared for exams and organising your revision material. The following tips will be helpful for students who want to get prepared properly.   Preparation for revision   Organise yourself…

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Top Mobile Apps to Improve Focus and Productivity

Mobile apps for focus and productivity

One crucial part of a student’s life is to invest the right amount of time in developing focus and productivity. With the world emerging from a digital revolution, most of us use mobile apps for easing out our day to day activities. Gone are the days when students had to spend hours in the library…

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