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Although writing a literature review is an important part of your academic journey, developing a convincing and critical argument and discussion may become a challenge in certain instances. If you have no prior experience of writing literature reviews or you are not familiar with the selected topic, you can always order a custom literature review from us. We know exactly how discouraging it can be to produce a high-quality piece of academic writing and we offer our literature review services to make it easier for you to attain your academic goals.


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Custom Literature Review Writing Help

Any literature review with research requires a critical discussion and evaluation of up-to-date academic sources which belong to a specific subject or field of study. Whilst every research project is genuine and unique, it needs to rely on a solid background (i.e. existing theories and empirical articles written by other researchers). A literature review aims to analyse this background and reveal certain research gaps and limitations which will be closed by your dissertation. In most cases, a literature review is a part of a dissertation project, but it can also be required by your university as a standalone assignment for training purposes. Writing a literature review for PhD is impossible without a good understanding of the selected research field, access to the most recent and credible academic sources, and a highly critical and evaluative writing style. Developing a convincing and mature discussion may become especially challenging if your research topic is new to you and you have no prior experience of writing literature reviews.

We know how discouraging it is to face these challenges alone and we offer our literature review writing services to assist your academic pursuits. Our 100% original, custom-written literature reviews are created by the best academic writers. So, why take the risk trying to get it right from the first attempt on your own, when you can quickly learn from a professional?


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What Makes a First Class Literature Review?

The dissertation writing experience of the writing team has allowed us to compile a list of elements that are present in a successful literature review. You should ensure that you follow these recommendations if you want to achieve good academic results.

Careful Selection of Literature Sources

While some classical theories were developed in the distant past, it is usually a great idea to focus on contemporary studies which have been conducted during the last 5 years. Otherwise, you will be unable to demonstrate the actual state of the researched context.

Critical Perspective

Any academic field is a battlefield of different theories and competing scientific standpoints. Rarely does a single universal truth exist, and you must demonstrate the awareness of opposing concepts when building your arguments. A critical perspective also implies finding limitations, research gaps, and weaknesses of other studies.

Clear Structure and Focus

All arguments in your literature review should be carefully structured and logically arranged. Writing a theoretical chapter of your dissertation is not about simply describing what other researchers said; the internal organisation of your literature review should be consistent with your research focus.

Literature Review Structure

The literature review is one of the most crucial parts of your dissertation. Below you can see how your literature review should be structured:

A strong literature review for a research paper will have an introductory paragraph that both defines the topic and provides the context for which you will review the literature. You may also establish the reasons for reviewing the literature and explain the sequence of the review.

Main body
In the main body of the literature review you will provide insight into the relationship between your topic and its wider subject area. Through critically analysing the chosen literature, you will be able to move from the wider literature to the specific focus of your topic. Remember, it is important that you highlight a clear connection between the sources. You can organise this section of the literature review in different ways. For example, you could order the sources chronologically, by theme, or by the development of the idea.

Finally, in the last section of your literature review research you should re-cover the main agreements or disagreements within the literature, and provide an overall perspective on your topic. It is also a perfect opportunity to highlight any gaps that you have found and mention any possible areas for future research.


Literature review writing tips

We have outlined several useful tips on how to write a high-quality literature review and analysis.

  • Focusing on contemporary studies is always a good idea when writing a literature review. Although some classical theories were proposed long ago, only by reviewing up-to-date literature you can demonstrate the actual state of the researched context and find relevant research gaps.
  • Always be critical when building your argument. Remember that there is no single universal truth in any academic field. By staying open to opposing standpoints, you can show your awareness of the literature.
  • Make sure your literature review is consistent and focused. You should carefully structure and logically arrange all your arguments, so the reader could easily follow them.
  • Edit and proofread your literature review before sending it to your tutor.