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Appeals and Re-Submissions Service

What Is the Difference between Appeals and Re-Submissions?

An appeal is an official instrument of academic problems resolution. It is available to those students who feel that their marks for submissions are lower than their expectations due to some personal extenuating circumstances or academic malpractice. Its use implies the need to review the earlier decision regarding the marking process of a certain coursework or essay. A re-submission is a procedure of re-writing the work that has failed to meet the minimal marking criteria for the module and needs to be improved substantially. Re-submitted assignments can be awarded any mark, but some universities tend to award only a pass level to them. 


In What Situations Do Appeals or Re-Submissions Arise?

If you could not inform the university about some extenuating circumstances in due time or this notice was ignored, you may want to consider appealing. Other potential reasons include obvious errors in the academic procedures that could adversely affect the academic outcome. Simply speaking, a biased assessment by your tutor that is not supported by the module criteria is worth an appeal. Re-submissions are required when you could not receive the pass mark and failed a module or unit. In this situation, you can rewrite your assignment to improve its grade and avoid academic failure.


What to Do if You Need to Appeal or Re-Submit

The exact procedure may vary depending on a specific university. Usually, it is recommended that you should informally approach your tutor, the programme director or the exam board of your university to learn more about the options that you have. This must be done as soon as possible since most universities set narrow time frames for appealing or re-submitting your work. If you decide to appeal, make sure that you provide reliable evidence supporting your claims of academic errors or personal mitigating circumstances. In the case of a re-submission, you need to receive written feedback from your tutor before revising your work. We also recommend that you discuss your assignment with them in person to better understand their criticisms and suggested areas for improvement.


How We Can Help You with an Appeal or Re-submission

Most universities do not allow you to appeal against the professional judgement of the markers since they have a complex procedure of cross-marking involving external examiners that is expected to ensure 100% objectivity. Therefore, do not hesitate to use professional essay writing services or coursework writing services if you have only one chance of making it right. If your academic work has already received a low mark, we can thoroughly analyse what went wrong and compose a convincing appeal for you. We will also lead you through the re-submission process and equip you with a properly corrected and improved assignment.

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