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Dissertation Proposal Writing Service

Writing a Dissertation Proposal


A dissertation proposal sets out the course of your entire dissertation project and is the starting point in determining the level of success of the work. In turn, the final dissertation grade will be worth up to 40% of the overall mark for your university degree. A strong dissertation topic is critical to develop your academic career and you would therefore need to choose the right topic, set aims and objectives, and decide on which methods to use correctly. This is why we offer Dissertation Proposal Writing, to help you get off to an excellent start.

We understand that writing a dissertation proposal may be especially challenging if you are not certain about the correct format or data collection techniques that could be applied to your future dissertation. However, you do not need to face these challenges alone! We understand that students are overloaded with work and time poor and we want to show you how to write a research proposal which will impress your tutor, lead to a successful dissertation, and allow you to achieve your desired grade.

We believe that learning by example is the best way to study the art of research, so why not learn from the best professionals in the industry?

Why should 15 Writers be writing your dissertation proposal?

  • The writers are experienced in creating proposals in all fields of scientific research, and we have an expert team of specialists to allow us to assign each individual request to the most competent researcher.
  • We are happy to work with you as closely as needed to create a proposal that you and your tutor are happy with.
  • The writing team is made up of full-time academic writers; they are very aware of the gaps in the research, limitations of data, and strength of different research topics. They will only propose topics and methods that are achievable and will get you the right grade.


What Makes Writing a Dissertation Proposal Difficult?


A dissertation proposal may look like a small task, but it is not. Essentially, a proposal template includes the provisional aim and objectives of your future dissertation, a small review of contemporary literature, and the proposed methodology chapter with a timeline.

While a proposal is small in size, you need to keep in mind that it is a promise of what you will have to do in your full dissertation. You must therefore back up every word of your dissertation proposal. You might have gained good experience in writing essays, assignments and reports throughout your academic course, but you have only one dissertation project and it is natural to look for some additional guidance. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice when writing your research proposal if you feel even the slightest uncertainty concerning the course of your future dissertation.

Each of the writers has completed hundreds of dissertations.

Our experience demonstrates that the majority of students find it difficult to write a dissertation proposal because they usually receive requirements instead of explanations from their tutors.

We often find that students who are writing their dissertation for the first time do not have realistic expectations of what data is available in the market. Our dissertation proposal service will help guide you and assess whether your expectations are realistic, allowing you to receive advice and assistance from an experienced professional in your field.

Why Order a Dissertation Proposal from Us?

  • Dissertation proposals can prove difficult for many students, but they have a huge impact on your academic career.
  • We have provided assistance to thousands of students in the preparation of their dissertation proposals.
  • We are competent in setting specific, measurable, achievable aims and objectives, which will guarantee the successful completion of the whole dissertation.
  • Our professionally-written dissertation proposal service consists of a provisional research aim, objectives of the study, research questions and potential hypotheses, preliminary review of theoretical and empirical literature, well-grounded research methods and a timeline.
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