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Can ChatGPT really write your academic assignments for you?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the education system. New technologies such as Chat GPT can disrupt the education system by reducing students’ motivation to study and write thesis papers. Others argue that AI can improve teaching and quality of education. In this case, Chat GPT is a great assistant that can help in research writing.…

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An Academic Guide to Writing Essays and Assignments

essay writing

Writing a Successful Essay: From General Tips to Specific Challenges   What Is an Essay? An essay is often defined as a short piece of academic writing that deals with a single subject and provides the author’s own argument on it. Essay writing is one of the most common types of assignment that students are faced with while…

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How to Improve Your Writing Style in Academic Research


Academic writing is one of the many skills that students develop at university. Whether you are pursuing a graduate or a post-graduate degree you will be assigned various academic writing tasks such as essay writing, proposal writing, dissertation writing and much more. Despite being good at academic research many students are not able to clearly…

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Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Ordering an Essay Online


Academic essays are an integral part of every student’s university career. Students who have adequate time after their university classes and possess good English writing skills often try to write their own essay assignments. However, writing an essay can be a challenging task for a number of students. As a majority of university students, today…

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How to take notes in your Master’s lectures that will actually help

masters lecture notes

Taking notes in Masters lectures is one of the most important factors that could help you in your exam preparations. Although most students take notes, many of them are unaware of the right way to take notes. This article will help students in understanding how to take notes in the correct manner so that these…

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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Work

avoid plagiarism

‘Plagiarism’ may be a term you are very familiar with, however, if you have not heard of it before it is the act of copying other people’s words, work and ideas. It can be tempting to plagiarise, especially when your work load begins to mount and the pressure rises. It can seem like the easy…

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How to write a critical review of a journal article


A critical review is a type of assignment that requires you to read an academic journal and then review it. This is not a straightforward task as you need to use your own judgement in order to understand the article and then present your reviews. Furthermore, the criteria for a critical review can vary to…

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How to Write a Top Quality Marketing Plan Essay

SOSTAC diagram

Many university essays require the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan for an existing or fictional organisation. Not only this, marketing plans are essential for real world businesses and will often be created by a marketing agency. Popular frameworks in this field include Business Model Canvas, a Balanced Scorecard analysis as well as more traditional solutions…

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10 of the best academic phrases to use in your essays

academic phrases for essays

Essay writing can be a tricky task for students. This is because the tone of academic essays is expected to be formal. Such a formal tone of writing is not easy to master. However, there are certain words and phrases that could help you in simplifying the process. So, here are 10 of the best…

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The Benefits of Buying a Custom Written Essay or Dissertation

buy an essay

Regardless of the wide-spread opinion that formal education is getting less important for successful employment, companies still rate their applicants based on academic achievements. Good grades are an effective way to become more competitive in the labour market. Students are expected to write distinction-level essays and dissertations to apply for well-paid jobs after graduation. Obviously,…

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