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Science Statistic Analysis Tips for Academic Writing

students analysing statistcal data

Statistical analysis is of paramount importance to almost any type of rigorous scientific research. Data analysis is a challenging task as it provides insight into the correlation between variables. As well as identifies current trends and allows us to make predictions regarding future ones. Statistics is used in many disciplines, including science, economics, politics, psychology,…

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A Masters Guide for Writing Chemistry Papers

let's get started in notebook of masters student writing a chemistry paper

Writing a master’s level chemistry paper involves considerable challenges, but the experience is profoundly rewarding and offers substantial satisfaction. This type of academic writing task provides students with a unique opportunity to combine research/writing skills with analytical thinking. Chemistry is a fundamentally important science with an outstanding number of economic benefits, ranging from drug research…

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10 tips to Find an Innovative PhD Chemistry Research Topic

test tubes for PhD chemistry research

A PhD in chemistry is one of the most challenging studies in the field of science. Similar to other PhD areas, the level of challenge in pursuing a PhD in chemistry depends on the individual strengths, interests and prior experiences of the candidates. While some candidates find it challenging to write a dissertation, others fear…

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Can ChatGPT really write your academic assignments for you?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the education system. New technologies such as Chat GPT can disrupt the education system by reducing students’ motivation to study and write thesis papers. Others argue that AI can improve teaching and quality of education. In this case, Chat GPT is a great assistant that can help in research writing. Some…

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An Academic Guide to Writing Essays and Assignments

essay writing

Writing a Successful Essay: From General Tips to Specific Challenges   What Is an Essay? An essay is often defined as a short piece of academic writing that deals with a single subject and provides the author’s own argument on it. Essay writing is one of the most common types of assignment that students are faced with while…

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How to Improve Your Writing Style in Academic Research


Academic writing is one of the many skills that students develop at university. Whether you are pursuing a graduate or a post-graduate degree you will be assigned various academic writing tasks such as essay writing, proposal writing, dissertation writing and much more. Despite being good at academic research many students are not able to clearly…

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Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Ordering an Essay Online


Academic essays are an integral part of every student’s university career. Students who have adequate time after their university classes and possess good English writing skills often try to write their own essay assignments. However, writing an essay can be a challenging task for a number of students. As a majority of university students, today…

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How to take notes in your Master’s lectures that will actually help

masters lecture notes

Taking notes in Masters lectures is one of the most important factors that could help you in your exam preparations. Although most students take notes, many of them are unaware of the right way to take notes. This article will help students in understanding how to take notes in the correct manner so that these…

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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Work

avoid plagiarism

‘Plagiarism’ may be a term you are very familiar with, however, if you have not heard of it before it is the act of copying other people’s words, work and ideas. It can be tempting to plagiarise, especially when your work load begins to mount and the pressure rises. It can seem like the easy…

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