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Why Your Introduction Chapter Is More Important than You Think

As a professional provider of essay writing and dissertation writing services, we have helped hundreds of customers over the years, which included both writing sample works and revising the already written ones to improve their grades. This gives us a unique perspective into some common mistakes that lead students to lower scores and depreciate the…

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How to Turn Your Data into Graphs with Ease?

turn data into graphs

One of the most popular concepts in literature, cinematography, and playwriting is ‘Show, don’t tell’. The results of your essay writing or dissertation writing activities can look extremely promising in numeric form but many of your readers may lack the degree of insight required to see this. Transforming your data into graphs can be a…

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How to Keep Stress from Ruining Your University Experience?

exercise to reduce stress

Many students radically underestimate the number of challenges they are going to face during their studies. While most of them only appraise their academic goals, they also need to earn money, learn to live away from home, deal with loneliness, and maintain their health and wellbeing in the middle of a global pandemic. Here are…

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Top 15 tips on how to do mental math fast


Numbers are a part of our everyday lives. Do you really need a calculator for squaring numbers or calculating percentages? It turns out that many math problems can be quickly solved using mental math. Below are top 15 tips on how to do mental math fast! 1. Simplifying your problem: addition The usual way of…

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Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Ordering an Essay Online


Academic essays are an integral part of every student’s university career. Students who have adequate time after their university classes and possess good English writing skills often try to write their own essay assignments. However, writing an essay can be a challenging task for a number of students. As a majority of university students, today…

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7 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Essay Writing


Nothing strikes fear into the minds of university students like being assigned the task of writing an academic essay. Essay writing is often known as one of the most dreaded academic tasks among university students. Whether the essay is for a bachelor’s degree or a master’s programme many students lack the basic skills needed to…

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How to Write a Successful Analytical Essay

analyical essays

An analytical essay revolves around the analysis and critique of an idea or an issue. This is common in writing a law essay or economics essays. While this seems to be a straightforward task, it rarely proves to be so. This is because analytical essays need to cover several aspects of analysis. Often, students are…

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Difference Between an Informative Essay and an Argumentative Essay

how to decide on your methodology

Essay writing is one of the most common types of assignment that students are faced with while studying at university. When discussing information and facts in a structured manner, we usually resort to two skills of essay writing – Informative form and Argumentative form. While writing informational essays, the key is to provide, describe and…

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Referencing Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Footnotes

references library

Putting together references and footnotes can be a tricky and complicated task for many students. However, when it comes to essay writing or dissertation writing, using footnotes and references is one of the most important elements of your work. If you don’t use the right footnotes, your grades are likely to suffer to a great…

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How to take notes in your Master’s lectures that will actually help

masters lecture notes

Taking notes in Masters lectures is one of the most important factors that could help you in your exam preparations. Although most students take notes, many of them are unaware of the right way to take notes. This article will help students in understanding how to take notes in the correct manner so that these…

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