Appeals and Re-submissions

How to Appeal If You Didn’t Achieve the Grade You Hoped For

appeal your grade

The day of exam results is mix of smiles and disappointment. The achieved result can make or break a student’s confidence. Unsatisfactory results have the ability to suddenly raise emotions of upset or panic. If you believe that there has been a mistake in marking your work, you should have the option to appeal to…

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5 Common University Re-submission Policies


Writing a dissertation is the culmination of any student’s academic career. However, sometimes theses do not achieve a standard to merit the award of the degree concerned. Tight deadlines, students’ inability to cope with stress, and the lack of time to complete research are only a few reasons why their dissertations fail. Luckily, most universities…

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Most common reasons why your academic appeal might be rejected


While academic appeal letters are accepted by most universities, a large share of them gets rejected by appeal committees. Knowing the most common causes for rejection is a good way to minimise the possibility of this outcome. Below you will find some examples of the reasons leading to the non-acceptance of academic appeals.  Lack of…

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How to Plan and Write a Re-Sit Assignment or Re-Submission


So, the results of your coursework or examination have been announced and they turned out to be worse than you expected. While this can make you feel depressed and lost, right now you need to concentrate on building a response plan. Most universities allow you to revert this failure and resubmit or resit your assignment…

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Re-submissions: What to Do if You Failed Your Dissertation


If your thesis has failed to be unique and strong enough to earn a pass mark, you will be given a second chance to resubmit it. While dissertation failures are rarer than essay or coursework failures, they are more devastating for the affected students. If you feel lost and overwhelmed at the moment, the following…

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