Free Products

Below you will find a list of products we have developed for students to use for FREE. You do not need to pay anything, or even to sign up. Our free products include an easy to use financial ratio calculator, and a porters five forces generator, and are designed to make your life easier when completing your essays, coursework or dissertations. Simply click on the link below for the product you need, and get started.

Free Dissertation Topics Service

Get 3 unique, custom written dissertation topics to help you get started on your dissertation journey. This service is totally free and your original topics will be delivered to you within 5 days.


Worldbank Data

Subscribe to gain unlimited access to panel data on over 1,000 economic indicators for more than 150 countries ready to be imported in Stata, Eviews or SPSS. Access is completely free - just sign up with your email address


Methodology Generator Tool

Use our simple tool to create your methodology. Select your answers from the drop down list to find out which methodology best suits your paper.


Financial Ratio Calculator

Our team have developed a simple and efficient ratio calculator, to make any financial ratios much easier to understand and work out. Simply enter your variable and value in the correct fields on the table to calculate your results.


Porter's Five Forces Analysis Generator

We have developed a clever Porters Five Forces generator tool that is simple to use and will save you time and effort in carrying out your competitive analysis. Simply enter Yes/No responses for each factor, and our tool will generate the results for you.


Most Common Grammar Mistakes in Writing

Academic writing can be a challenge for anyone, especially if English is not your native language. Here we have compiled a table of the most common grammatical mistakes that are made in writing. Use this table to avoid these errors and ensure your writing is of the highest possible quality.