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Sample Dissertations

If you need some help or inspiration for writing your dissertation, then you've come to the right place.

On this page we have a range of Dissertation examples in various subject topics from Business, Management and Marketing, to Economics and Finance, Law and History.

Why not have a look at our other sample papers? We also have example essays and example reports available on our resources page.

Business, Management & Leadership Dissertations

Marketing Dissertations

Economics & Finance Dissertations

Law Dissertations

History, International Relations & Politics Dissertations

Language and Linguistics Dissertations

Read our dissertation related blog posts:

10 Easy Tips for Writing a First Class Literature Review

Feb 21, 2020

A literature review is probably the largest chapter, which sets a theoretical background for the whole dissertation. So, it is hardly surprising that undergraduate and postgraduate students tend to include everything they know about the subject in this essential part. Alternatively, tutors are willing to see not a horrendous mixture of theories and definitions but…

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How to Use Spreadsheets to Solve Complex Problems

Jan 27, 2020

A spreadsheet is a file consisting of rows and columns that helps users to easily sort and arrange data and make calculations and data analysis when required. Spreadsheets have been used to solve various problems from different fields including mathematics, physics, economic and business. Apart from simple calculations, spreadsheets can also hold and solve complex problems with…

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A Guide to Using Appendices in Your PhD Thesis

Nov 25, 2019

When you research your chosen topic, you will become an expert in the field and probably be left with a lot of information to say about your specialism. With Appendices you can still include it, but without making your sentences confusing and difficult to read, thus affecting your result. Appendices are a key tool to…

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How Far Should Your Thesis Be Unique and Innovative?

Oct 30, 2019

A recent story of a Peruvian student defending a PhD thesis on Quechuan culture using the indigenous language is a good example of the new trend in modern education. What can you do to make your contribution to the academic body of literature unique and innovative? How can you differentiate from thousands of theses written…

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How to Write a Strong Literature Review

Sep 18, 2019

As a university student, there will be times when you will have to write a literature review for a dissertation or a thesis or as a standalone assignment. A literature review is generally a critical analysis of published literature, scholarly journal articles, reports, and books in a particular subject area. Basically, it is a written…

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What Type of Statistical Analysis Should You Include in the Results and Findings Chapter of Your Dissertation

Jul 31, 2019

The results and findings chapter is one of the most important parts of your dissertation. This is because you demonstrate your unique research abilities in this chapter. That’s why it often accounts to around 40% of the total mark. Typically, this section provides an output of calculations, interpretation of attained results and discussion of these…

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Dissertation Checklist

Mar 22, 2019

Prior to submitting your dissertation, you can go through the following checklist to make sure that nothing important has been missed. All essential sections of the work are included. These are Abstract, Acknowledgements, Contents, Lists of Tables and Figures, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Analysis and Findings, Conclusion, List of References, and Appendix. The Abstract is…

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How to Make Writing a Dissertation Fun and Enjoyable

Mar 4, 2019

Writing a dissertation is the most important task of any student’s life, and therefore it is only natural to feel stressed by the thought of it. Be it a psychology dissertation or a marketing dissertation, there is only one way to deal with it; so, be assured that its completion will take up a lot…

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Finding Data Participants and Getting Surveys Completed

Dec 5, 2018

Gathering primary data is often a massive challenge even for the most experienced researchers. This is particularly true when running surveys. Questionnaires typically need a large sample to be valid (over 50 participants), which can certainly raise the stakes for your project. The next tips should make your life much easier and ensure that your…

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How to Create an Online Survey Using Google Forms

Nov 21, 2018

  Online surveys are a great tool for primary data collection. Students, as well as working professionals, are often required to conduct online surveys for reporting, dissertation analysis, or even market research. One of the most common tools for creating online surveys is Google Forms. This product allows you not only to create comprehensive surveys,…

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