Student Life

How to Keep Stress from Ruining Your University Experience?

exercise to reduce stress

Many students radically underestimate the number of challenges they are going to face during their studies. While most of them only appraise their academic goals, they also need to earn money, learn to live away from home, deal with loneliness, and maintain their health and wellbeing in the middle of a global pandemic. Here are…

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The Ultimate Dissertation Survival Guide

dissertation survival guide

Completing a dissertation is one of the greatest challenges for many learners, which is why thousands of students fail to complete their dissertation projects every year. In most of these cases, the reason for this is not the inability to defend a finished draft but the decision to quit the project right in the middle…

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Dealing with Homesickness: A Guide for International Students

international student homesick

The excitement of moving to university can be so intense, the opportunity to experience a new country, meet new people and live independently. But, all the excitement can turn sour when homesickness hits, especially for international students. Here are some tips to remember to help you deal with your anxiety and get you through your…

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10 Great Things to Remember About Going to University

starting university

Moving to a university is one of the most important events of student life. There are several changes that students experience during this time. While there are a lot of things to enjoy, there are also multiple challenges that students need to face. Nevertheless, students need to learn how to cope with this period of…

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How to Beat Freshers’ Flu

freshers flu

Freshers’ flu refers to the various physical ailments that can plague students when they join a university. The first few weeks at university can be a tricky time when students meet people from different parts of the world. They have to make an effort in order to make new friends. But if they are consuming…

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How often should you reference in your paper


One of the trickiest tasks for students while writing essays is not only to follow an appropriate referencing style but also to assess how many references are needed. Referencing is a critical component of essay writing, and it indicates that the student has read the relevant sources of information. It also allows the markers to…

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The Top 5 Apps That Can Help You Through Student Life

best student apps

Most University students think that the only apps which have their attention are social media and gaming apps. However, with changing times, young adults are using digital devices to make their student life more productive. So, if you are looking beyond gaming and social media apps, here is a list of top 5 apps which…

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The Top 6 Student Budget Hacks

student budget hacks

When it comes to personal finances, many students struggle. As most students suddenly have to handle their own money, it becomes difficult for them to juggle numerous expenses. With so many expenses and course commitments to deal with, many students try to find extra sources of income or part-time jobs. If you find yourself stuck…

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How to Make the Most of Your University Library


The University Library is a place essential for nearly every degree because of its astounding resource and study spaces. However, it can be a tough place when you feel intimidated or out of your depth. Therefore, this quick guide is all about making you feel more comfortable and more able to make the most of…

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How to Finish All Your Assignments Before the Christmas Break

Finish your assignments before Christmas

Christmas is finally here and you get a long-awaited break from university. However, relaxing and eating can get a little out of hand. So here are some tips to finish your university work and assignments before the Christmas break, so you can take the weight off and leave stress behind.   Dedicate Extra Time Of…

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