Student Life

The Top 5 Apps That Can Help You Through Student Life

Most University students think that the only apps which have their attention are social media and gaming apps. However, with changing times, young adults are using digital devices to make their student life more productive. So, if you are looking beyond gaming and social media apps, here is a list of top 5 apps which…

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The Top 6 Student Budget Hacks

When it comes to personal finances, many students struggle. As most students suddenly have to handle their own money, it becomes difficult for them to juggle numerous expenses. With so many expenses and course commitments to deal with, many students try to find extra sources of income or part-time jobs. If you find yourself stuck…

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How to Make the Most of Your University Library


The University Library is a place essential for nearly every degree because of its astounding resource and study spaces. However, it can be a tough place when you feel intimidated or out of your depth. Therefore, this quick guide is all about making you feel more comfortable and more able to make the most of…

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How to Finish All Your Assignments Before the Christmas Break

Christmas is finally here and you get a long-awaited break from university. However, relaxing and eating can get a little out of hand. So here are some tips to finish your university work and assignments before the Christmas break, so you can take the weight off and leave stress behind.   Dedicate Extra Time Of…

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The 6 Best Winter Break Destinations for students on a budget

The winter holidays during university can be a welcome break from your workload. As a student, you want to make the most of your downtime because it is all the more valuable and enjoyable after the long workdays and many to come. Although, don’t forget to finish all of your university work before you enjoy…

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Ultimate Guide to UK Universities

UK Universities are among the most desirable academic institutions for students. The attractiveness of UK universities is supported by high-quality education and relatively modest cost of tuition compared to the United States.   Top Universities in the UK Here are the top 10 Universities in the UK for 2020, according to The Complete University Guide.…

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8 Rules for Living in Student Halls


It’s getting closer and closer to the day you start university and trying to prepare can extremely overwhelming. Moving into student halls and starting university bring their own challenges. There is nothing to worry about because university is exciting and full of possibility. So, here are some simple, easy to follow rules that you need…

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9 things you need to know before fresher’s week


Fresher’s week is a baptism of fire, and can be both a great or disastrous introduction to University life. There is a fine art in making sure that you have a great time without embarrassing yourself, fresher’s week gives you a chance to set an impression, so make sure it’s the right one.   Peer…

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The 10 Best Summer Jobs for Students

The summer, especially for university students, is particularly long and often there is not as much academic work allocated to fill the time. This should be taken advantage of to add skills to your cv, make you more employable and learn something completely new with a summer job. Here are some of the best summer…

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Inspirational Quotes for Fed Up Students

It’s now that time of year where you feel like you are drowning in deadlines, and your dissertation work seems never ending. Below we have put together 10 inspirational quotes to help rejuvenate any fed up or unmotivated student: “The best way to predict your future, is to create it” Abraham Lincoln   “I have…

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