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Student Life

The 10 Best Summer Jobs for Students

The summer, especially for university students, is particularly long and often there is not as much academic work allocated to fill the time. This should be taken advantage of to add skills to your cv, make you more employable and learn something completely new with a summer job. Here are some of the best summer…

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Inspirational Quotes for Fed Up Students

It’s now that time of year where you feel like you are drowning in deadlines, and your dissertation work seems never ending. Below we have put together 10 inspirational quotes to help rejuvenate any fed up or unmotivated student: “The best way to predict your future, is to create it” Abraham Lincoln   “I have…

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How to Make The Most Out of Your Time at University

Transitioning from school to University can be fun, but overwhelming. While school focuses more on studies, University gives students a chance to explore their personalities and abilities alongside academic studies. Despite the course duration, University brings ample opportunities and experiences for students to personally grow. Students should therefore make the most of their time at…

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Coping with Distance Learning during the Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

With the rapid progression of the coronavirus pandemic, many campuses have introduced the lockdown scenario forcing thousands of students to stay away from the lecture halls and switch to distant learning. This is especially stressful for the graduates who have been moved to online classes and face increasing uncertainty regarding their thesis defence and graduation…

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What To Do if You Miss an Important University Lecture

Juggling all your commitments can be very difficult at times and occasionally you may miss a lecture. This can be due to appointments, emergencies, sickness or simply your alarm not going off. If this does happen, there are steps you can take to ensure you aren’t missing too much important information. Talk to your Classmates…

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10 Ways Students Can Make Money during Coronavirus Self-Isolation

The coronavirus pandemic means that many work options typically available to students (e.g. retail assistants) are no longer viable. Luckily, there is a strong demand for other jobs that can be reliably done from home such as freelance writing. If you’re wondering how to support yourself and your studies, read on to learn 10 ways…

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How to Keep On Top of Exams, Work, Social Life and Your Dissertation

University life can be extremely demanding and keeping on top of your commitments can seem impossible. Whether it’s a job, socialising, preparing for exams and writing a dissertation it can be hard to fit it all in. However, being able to balance your social life and studies as well as organising your academic life and…

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100 Best Student Discounts in the UK

Life in the UK is never cheap and student loans and accommodation costs do not pay for themselves. Since a penny saved is a penny earned, we have compiled a list of 100 best discounts in the UK for students that may allow you to save tremendous sums throughout your university years. Banking and Insurance…

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The Best Ways to Procrastinate

Procrastination is a very familiar term for students. To procrastinate is to ‘delay or postpone action; put off doing something.’ and when at university procrastinating can be debilitating on your work load. The work builds up over time with coursework, essays, dissertations, presentations… the list goes on and the to do list gets longer. Sometimes…

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How To Cope With University Related Anxiety


Introduction In today’s world, dealing with stress and anxiety is part of life. Students who are in University are particularly susceptible to anxiety because of several reasons. Firstly, moving into University is vastly different from high school. Secondly, many students tend to move cities or countries in order to enrol into the University of their…

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