Do You Have to Be a Genius to Write a PhD Thesis?


A 9-year old boy is about to get a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and on his path to start a doctorate thesis. Do you have to be a genius to get involved in such a complex and demanding task at the age of 9? The answer is pretty much yes. You need some extraordinary…

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A Guide to Using Appendices in Your PhD Thesis

When you research your chosen topic, you will become an expert in the field and probably be left with a lot of information to say about your specialism. With Appendices you can still include it, but without making your sentences confusing and difficult to read, thus affecting your result. Appendices are a key tool to…

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The PhD Process in the UK & How It Differs to Other Countries

researching your PhD topic

What Is a PhD in the UK? UK universities are attributed some of the highest global rankings in terms of their PhD programme quality, attractiveness and reputation. This is highly beneficial for getting a degree that will be recognised by most organisations and educational institutions all over the world. At the same time, the educational…

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