Do You Have to Be a Genius to Write a PhD Thesis?


A 9-year old boy is about to get a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and on his path to start a doctorate thesis. Do you have to be a genius to get involved in such a complex and demanding task at the age of 9? The answer is pretty much yes. You need some extraordinary…

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Overcoming Anxiety and Depression As a Student


Going to University is arguably one of the most crucial phases of a student’s life. The transition from school to university not only opens the door for several new opportunities but also comes with its own set of challenges. Not all students are the same, some get through this phase with a breeze whereas others…

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NEWS: Should governments control academic institutions or provide more freedom?


Academic freedom has remained one of the most controversial issues of all times. Generally, academic freedom is the freedom provided to teachers and students to communicate and pursue knowledge and conduct educational research without any arbitrary restriction or interference from government, law, institutions and public pressure. The basic elements of academic freedom comprise of freedom…

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