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Why seek revision help from 15Writers?

Arguably one of the most important parts of your revision is making sure you have enough to cover all of the information for each of your exams. This can be very difficult if your exams are all close together. If you’re restricted with time, why not seek help with the formation of your study notes, so that you can concentrate on the actual revision?


Here at 15Writers, we understand that good revision notes are one of the most important factors of exam success. That is why we offer custom exam notes writing help, tailored to your exact needs. We have extensive experience in all aspects of academic life, exams being one of them. The dedicated writers know very well that not one method works for everyone, which is why this service is flexible, and you can order your exam notes in a format that suits you best.


Not only will the writer follow your exact needs, but they will also be an expert in your particular subject area. This means that although you will supply your course content, the writer may be able to provide insights or explanations to any subject matter that might prove to be challenging for you. Although you will have to complete the exam yourself, the notes can assist you greatly with optimising your revision time in order to get the best grade possible! Place your exam notes order today to get a head start on your revision.

Need help with a timed exam?

Sometimes, you may be assigned a timed exam from your University. Often, this will mean that you receive the questions and then have a limited time to complete the work and submit it back to your University. These can mean having to cram a lot of research, reading and writing into a very short time frame. Luckily, this is a service that our writers are experts in! We offer a specialist timed-exam service, where you can book a writer for a certain period of time so that they can help you complete the exam to the highest level.

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The exam period can be one of the most stressful times of year whilst at university. Not only are you finishing your dissertation and any other outstanding assignments, but you also have to fit in all of your revision as well. We know first-hand just how demanding this part of your university experience can be, which is why we have put together some unique revision tips to try and help you revise in the best way possible, through new or alternative methods!


Unique Revision Tips to help you Succeed in Your Exams

Study with aromas

If you’re looking to make your revision more efficient, you can increase your chances of remembering your studies by introducing various aromas into the room whilst you revise. A study by Northumbria University found that stimulating your sense of smell is supposed to improve your memory by 5-7%. In particular, they found that the scent of rosemary was a main contributor, since it increases electrical activity in your brain.


Act out your topics

This may not be the most beneficial tip for everyone, but for those who are more into tactile methods of studying, engaging both your body and mind can be a huge help with revision. Whether you simply walk around your room whilst reading, or gesticulate as if you are giving a presentation, getting your creative juices flowing through kinaesthetics can help you to remember key points of your revision materials.


Record your own voice

This method can help in two ways. Firstly, some people find that reading their notes aloud can be largely beneficial in really retaining the information that you are reading. Not only this, but by recording your voice, you have your own revision podcast that you can refer back to. Having recordings of your revision materials in your own voice means that you can listen to them again whenever you are on the go – whether you are in the shower, walking to the library, sitting on the bus, or working out in the gym. This is an extremely useful way of also fitting in extra revision where you otherwise would not have been able to.


The teaching method

Similar to acting out and recording yourself, explaining particular concepts to others is the perfect way of ensuring that you understand what you are talking about. You can use the teaching method not only by preparing presentation slides, but then actually performing and talking through that presentation with family or friends. Using this method will mean that instead of passively absorbing information by simply reading from a book or revision notes, you are actively distributing this knowledge. This activity will not just encourage you to remember and discuss points with others, it may help you gain a new perspective on an argument, and even make you realise that you knew more than you originally thought about a particular topic!


Use cues or triggers

In theory, nearly anything can work as a cue or a trigger. Think about how certain songs, smells or objects can remind you of people, places or events – and apply the same concept to your revision. If you are revising on a particular topic, you could try wearing a certain top or fragrance, and then wear the same to your exam. If this works successfully as a trigger, it could help bring back important information about a topic that you may have forgotten about.


Modernise the visual approach

Using visual methods of revising is a trick that works for many people, and has been used in revision tactics for decades. Whether you are covering your walls in colourful mindmaps, leaving post-it notes on mirrors, doors or even in the fridge, it’s a fool-proof method for many. So why not use modern resources to take this method to the next level? Nowadays, anything can be created using the technology that is available. You could create your own revision website, YouTube tutorial, or even an Instagram page dedicated to your revision notes. You could even go a step further and recreate your favourite memes on various topics.


Do you have any other unusual exam revision tips? We'd love to hear them! Feel free to email your ideas to [email protected]