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Many students find reports more difficult to complete, since they are not written in the same format as a standard essay or assignment. The team of writers are experts in all areas of academic writing, including reflective report writing on multiple topics. They are all highly qualified writers who have extensive experience in the academic writing industry, and therefore, know exactly what universities are looking for. When you order custom report writing from 15 Writers, you can be assured that your work is being completed by a professional, whatever your requirements may be.


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Every student has to write an academic report at one point or another. Whether it is a business report, technical report, research report or a reflective essay, different university levels expect students to write different reports based on the course undertaken. As the complexity of these reports increases at each academic level, students often find it difficult to create a high quality academic report based on the specified structure and criteria. While some students depend on their own and try their luck in getting good grades, others take help of our report writing services which offer great reflective reports with guaranteed top grades.

With a team of finest-quality writers, we provide support to students who are looking for informative and good quality academic reports which will help them get the desired grades. Our team makes sure that all students get prompt support at every step of their report writing process. All our writers work with an aim to offer the best report writing help to each student according to their university level and subject.


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Writing a Professional Looking Report

The report format is substantially different from the essay format and may be difficult to follow if you have no prior experience of report writing. Here are some tips on how to write a good reflective report.

Firstly, you need to understand what makes the report writing format different. Essays are generally broad in scope and target all audiences, whereas reports are concise, pragmatically organised, and written for a specific recipient in mind. They usually have clear structures with numbered sections, which allow the reader to ‘scan’ the document for key facts and figures.

Secondly, one of the key challenges in writing reports is understanding how to start a report or write an attractive introduction for your report. It is recommended that you include the catchiest findings and ideas into the first section of the report so that your target audience immediately become interested in the research results.

Thirdly, it is always a good idea to choose the report structure and contents in accordance with your specific topic or the targeted reader. A financial manager would expect a different report to a human resource professional. Therefore, the style of writing and the scope of your analysis should be carefully selected to precisely address the formulated report questions and objectives. If you struggle with any of these features of report writing, our Report Writing Service may be for you.

Each section of the report remains highly focused on the topic and research objectives thanks to the expertise and qualification of the writers.


How to Write an Academic Report

Whether you decide to write your own academic report or utilise our expert services for report help, every student needs to understand the fundamentals of academic report writing.

  • Before writing a report, understand the exact purpose of the report, the nature of its audience and guidelines outlined by your university.
  • Collect relevant information for assessment and evaluation of the subject.
  • Logically present the collected information and evidence in a flawless structure.
  • Present all the evaluations and assessments in a consistent manner as per the university guidelines.
  • Based on your analysis and evidence make suitable conclusions for your report.
  • Make proper in-text citations for all the information used from secondary sources and include details of each citation in the reference list.
  • Ensure that your report is free from plagiarism and syntax errors.
  • Last but not least, make sure the report is visually appealing with tables, graphs and diagrams included in the main body or Appendix.

Structure of an Academic Report

Title page

The first page of your document should display the title of the report.

Abstract / summary

A short abstract or executive summary comes next, and this should summarise the main purpose and findings of the report.

Contents table

A table of contents is a key element of a report, as it will be linked to each part. Unlike an essay, reports are broken down into subsections.

Report introduction

As is common with other academic papers such as essays, assignments, and dissertations, you should begin your report writing with an introduction that outlines the aims and background.

Main body

This part of a report should be separated into the different sub sections (these could include history, methodology, modelling, pestle or other analysis). Each of these
subsections should have their own heading and be linked to your table of contents.

Conclusion or recommendations

In the final section of the report you should summarise the main points that have been brought to light throughout the paper. It is also a good opportunity to make any recommendations for future research.

You should list any sources you have used here – check your course guidelines to ensure that you are using the correct referencing system.