How to write a critical review of a journal article


A critical review is a type of assignment that requires you to read an academic journal and then review it. This is not a straightforward task as you need to use your own judgement in order to understand the article and then present your reviews. Furthermore, the criteria for a critical review can vary to…

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How to Write a Top Quality Marketing Plan Essay

SOSTAC diagram

Many university essays require the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan for an existing or fictional organisation. Not only this, marketing plans are essential for real world businesses and will often be created by a marketing agency. Popular frameworks in this field include Business Model Canvas, a Balanced Scorecard analysis as well as more traditional solutions…

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10 of the best academic phrases to use in your essays

academic phrases for essays

Essay writing can be a tricky task for students. This is because the tone of academic essays is expected to be formal. Such a formal tone of writing is not easy to master. However, there are certain words and phrases that could help you in simplifying the process. So, here are 10 of the best…

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The Benefits of Buying a Custom Written Essay or Dissertation

buy an essay

Regardless of the wide-spread opinion that formal education is getting less important for successful employment, companies still rate their applicants based on academic achievements. Good grades are an effective way to become more competitive in the labour market. Students are expected to write distinction-level essays and dissertations to apply for well-paid jobs after graduation. Obviously,…

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Should You Use Free Online Plagiarism Checkers?


In the modern world, content uniqueness has become one of the key performance indicators in Education, SEO and marketing. This forced many copywriters to pay special attention to their phrasing and the novelty of their ideas and thoughts. However, there is a category of people for whom the threat of plagiarism is most severe. A…

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What Is Porter’s 5 Forces? Use Our FREE Generator

Porters 5 forces

What is Porter’s 5 Forces? Porter’s Five Forces is one of the most widely used marketing analysis instruments, allowing an understanding of a company’s competitive environment. In addition, Porter’s Five Forces is designed to assess the overall attractiveness of a particular industry for other market players. Students often use this instrument to assess the competitiveness…

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10 Practical Tips for Writing a Successful Research Paper

Writing Successful Research Paper

You are finally done with your survey or experiment. It is time to put your findings together as a research paper, and it is not an easy part. These tips will help you navigate the way. Craft a Catchy Heading Think of the heading that will make the tutor curious to read your paper.  …

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Essential Vocabulary for an Academic Writing Style

university studies

Introduction The academic writing style is quite different from other styles of writing. The primary distinction that makes it different is the choice of words. The words that are written in this form of writing need to be chosen extremely wisely. This is because academic papers must adhere to the principles of critical writing. At…

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How to Ace a Re-Submission

tips to ace a resubmission

Writing a 1st standard dissertation or essay may be challenging, especially when you don’t have any experience in academic writing. Frequently, student papers are returned with extensive comments from the tutor and the request to re-submit the assignment, which may cause serious stress and frustration. Here are the 5 tips that can assist you in…

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Smart Guide for Students: How to Write an Analytical Essay

Essay writing may be a tedious task even for seasoned academic professionals. If you feel that this challenge is too difficult to conquer, here are some simple recommendations that can get you on the right track. 1. Your essay should be a statement and not a summary. While analytical works are based on specific sources…

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