How to be more productive in writing your MBA dissertation

Getting admission into an MBA course is like a dream come true for students who wish to enter the competitive world of business. As an MBA is one of the globally recognised business management degrees, every year several university students work hard to get admission to top MBA universities. However, pursuing an MBA degree is not as easy as getting into an MBA course. It requires a lot of passion, hard work and dedication to successfully complete an MBA. From attending regular classes to successfully completing assignments and writing an MBA dissertation, students need to be committed to passing their examinations.

A dissertation is an essential part of completing an MBA degree. To write a high-quality MBA level dissertation, students need to plan in advance and structure their research. Since most of the MBA students also work either part-time or full-time jobs and have additional responsibilities, they are not able to give adequate attention to dissertation writing. To avoid any last-minute hassle, it is extremely important for students to manage their time efficiently. If you are unable to find time for your MBA dissertation then stop procrastinating. Here are some useful tips that will help you to be more productive in writing your MBA dissertation.


Get started

Several students find it tempting to postpone their dissertation till the last minute. However, if you keep postponing, there are chances that you might never feel fully prepared to begin your MBA writing. To get into the momentum of writing you can try to at least begin with a rough plan. However, if you feel it is too late to begin from scratch you can take help from MBA dissertation writing services. These services help students to write good-quality MBA assignments. From conducting academic research to writing the literature, defining the methodology, assessing the data and drawing meaningful conclusions, these services can offer a comprehensive MBA dissertation help to all students.


Define your area of interest

Several universities allow students to pick their own essay topics based on their interests. Before you pick up a random topic, make sure that you define your area of interest. This will not only help you to stay dedicated but will also save you from switching dissertation topics. Once you find out your niche, you can begin your search to find topics that are relevant to your course and subjects. Moreover, picking a topic based on personal interest also makes it easier for students to follow their passion and completely engage with their dissertation.

Create a timeline

Creating a timeline for your dissertation will make it easier for you to finish your work before its deadline. It will also give you a lot of time for proofreading and making any amendments to your dissertation. You can create a timeline on paper, calendar or your phone. The aim of the timeline is to measure your progress. To create a timeline, you can first split your dissertation into multiple sections. Then you can decide the approximate amount of time that you will need to give to each section. However, while creating a timeline make sure you set realistic expectations and give an adequate amount of time to each section. This will save you from getting stressed and will keep you motivated in the long run.


Try writing daily

To write a high-quality dissertation you need to invest a significant amount of time. By giving time to your dissertation you understand every aspect of the information collected. This increases your academic knowledge and helps in drawing better conclusions. Thus, students must ensure to take out some time from their daily schedule for their dissertation writing. Spending 30 to 45 minute every day on your MBA dissertation will help you to accomplish your tasks in the given timeframe. Working in shorter and frequent intervals also helps in doing other tasks such as adding citations, inserting edits and structuring the dissertation.


Take a break when needed

While working on an MBA dissertation, it is common for students to feel exhausted which further results in fatigue. This greatly affects the working skills of the students and results in lowering the quality of their work. In case you feel fatigued while working on your dissertation try to take a break. For example, if you are exhausted after a long day of work and classes, do not write your dissertation at night. In such a case, you can try to wake up early in the morning and work on your dissertation. Moreover, if you have reached your threshold and are unable to focus on your dissertation, take some time off from your writing. Getting back to your dissertation after a short break will make you feel more attentive and improve the efficiency of your work.


Prioritise your tasks

Writing a dissertation might seem like a never-ending task. To increase your productivity, it is important to plan your work and split it into different stages. Prioritising your tasks will make your dissertation work more manageable. Students need to identify the time when they are more productive and determine a schedule to work on the dissertation. If you are unable to write your dissertation daily then allot a few days in the week for your dissertation. Furthermore, you can do all the complicated tasks such as researching, analysing and calculations at productive times of the day. On unproductive times you can do other daily tasks and make the most of your time.



Despite all the hard work and efforts that you take remember that in the end, you will produce a great piece of work. Being productive and managing your time wisely will allow you to work efficiently. Having more time at hand will also give you new directions to your research and change your perception. In case you are in doubt, you can always reach your friends, colleagues, tutors or peers. Seeking help will clear all your doubts and make your task easier. Moreover, you should also get adequate sleep, maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly to keep your brain stimulated. Protection Status