Dissertation Aim & Objectives Examples

Business dissertation aim:

To examine how technology companies manage information and cyber risks in their supply chains.

  1. To identify the key internal and external sources of cyber and information risks in a technology company’s supply chain.
  2. To explore the organisational initiatives that help technology firms deal with information and cyber risks.
  3. To assess the effectiveness of technology companies’ responses to cyber and information risks measured on the basis of supply chain resilience.
  4. To develop practical recommendations on how to improve the cyber supply chain risk management process within technology organisations.


Marketing dissertation aim:

To assess the impact of user-generated and marketer-generated content on consumers’ decision-making in a social media environment.

  1. To identify the key post categories employed by marketers on social media using the 4Ps of marketing.
  2. To examine how marketer-generated content (e.g. discounts, special deals, new product announcements, and community-centric posts) on Facebook influences consumers’ purchase decision.
  3. To explore how user-generated content (e.g. customer reviews and social media posts) on Facebook affects consumers’ purchase decision.
  4. To compare the effectiveness of user-generated and marketer-generated content in stimulating social media users’ decision to buy.


HRM dissertation aim:

To assess the impact of bullying on employee job satisfaction in the context of culturally diverse project teams.

  1. To identify what types of behaviour are considered as bullying in the workplace.
  2. To explore the factors that may trigger workplace bullying in a culturally diverse team.
  3. To establish the relationship between workplace bullying and employee job satisfaction in project teams with a high level of cultural diversity.
  4. To produce a set of recommendations on how to minimise workplace bullying in culturally diverse project teams.