How to Write an Essay or Assignment in One Day

For most students, an approaching deadline is the main source of motivation as well as of fear. While this is more like an emergency situation, sometimes you might find you have left your essay or assignment to the very last minute – and who wants that kind of stress right before Christmas? Well, don’t panic, because you can easily write 2,500-3,000 words per day. How? Read this post to find it out!


Plan your day and plan your work

Start your day with a healthy and energising breakfast to give your body and mind enough energy to stay organised and productive. Now you are ready to work on your assignment. Selecting an appropriate work station is probably the most important thing to do as it will ensure your ability to accomplish the assignment on time. It is better to turn off your phone and select a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.


Understand your task

Your assignment has specific goals and you should understand them to make sure you are on track. Knowing exactly what is required is essential when time constraints are imposed.


Select a topic

Don’t spend too much time on selecting a topic. Just write down three or four ideas and choose the most interesting one. Your topic may not be perfect, but you should remember that under these circumstances, any topic is better that no topic whatsoever.


Establish deadlines

Effective time management can make a world of difference to your success. Set attainable objectives (e.g. brainstorming, creating an outline, writing the full essay, and applying an appropriate referencing style) and follow your timetable very closely. Don’t forget to allow for a few breaks to recharge your mind.


Outline your essay

Write down several key words and points, which you are going to cover in your argument. By using bullet points, you can easily list all the information, arguments and opinions on each of the identified points. Eventually, you will see that outlining your assignment using this method is very effective when writing against the clock.


Review the paper

Ask your peers or parents to read your assignment and give you constructive feedback in order to avoid the most common mistakes. Remember that when your deadline is short, it is much safer to arrange for reviewers in advance. In this case, you will ensure that the review period is short and as smooth as possible.


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