The Ultimate Guide to Writing Reflective Essays

A reflective essay requires you to describe an experience that you have had. Further, it requires you to summarise your key learnings from the experience. Reflective essay writing also includes a vivid description of your experience, such that the reader can also understand the experience. There are several other aspects that you also need to keep in mind. So, here is the ultimate guide to writing reflective essays:


Choosing the Appropriate Experience

It is critical to choose an experience that is relevant to the topic. For instance, if your topic revolves around teamwork, you need to choose an activity that you performed with other classmates or friends. Further, you need to choose an experience that you have learned from. Students often make the mistake of analysing an experience that is either not relevant to their field of study or is not something that they have learned from. Also, in order to simplify things and keeping them real, it is always advisable to focus on an actual experience, rather than using the figment of your imagination.


Focus on the Particular Experience or Event

The most important aspect of reflective essay writing is that you need to focus on one particular experience or event. The entire essay should revolve around that experience and should aim to infer the key learnings from the experience. One of the most common mistakes made by students is that they wander away from the topic, making the essay less compelling. It is also important to create a link between the actual experience and the learnings that you are inferring from it. In case there is a disconnect between the two, your essay will not sound convincing, and this may have an adverse impact on your grades. Therefore, it is important to remain focused on the experience that you are analysing.


Creating the Right Structure

The structure of your essay is one of its most important elements. You need to begin your reflective essay with an introductory paragraph. This paragraph must focus on the main subject of your experience as well as defining the thesis statement. Next, you need to focus on the main body of the essay. The main body should comprise the details of the actual experience, as well as your learnings from it. Finally, you need to summarise your essay by writing a compelling conclusion. The conclusion should be crisp, and yet it should inculcate all the relevant aspects of the essay. Protection Status