All good things must come to an end. However, many students fail to identify the points that can make their essay conclusions convincing and persuasive. Here are five ideas that can assist your academic writing, establish a sense of closure, and leave a lasting memory in your reader’s mind.

Tie up the loose ends...

If you need to grab the reader's attention when starting your essay; in a conclusion, it is of vital importance to provide a summary of your findings and resolve any ambiguity that your readers might have after reading your work. Usually, it is a good idea to revise the arguments and examples discussed throughout the piece and show how they confirmed or discarded your initial assumptions and hypotheses. You can also link your last paragraph to your introduction by repeating some words and phrases to make your work appear more coherent.

… and make ends meet

Every essay is unique in terms of its requirements. In some cases, a long conclusion with a summary of your findings and a recommendations section may be optimal. In other cases, the graders expect a brief recap of 200 words or less. Make sure that you have thoroughly studied your work requirements in order to deliver what is expected of you. There are few things more disappointing than arduously writing a piece of work that is discarded due to the failure to meet formal requirements.

What has been hidden will all be revealed in the end

The final phase is a good moment to revise your work one more time and see how your results tie with the initial objectives. Not directly answering the question that is being asked is a fatal mistake one can make writing an essay. You can also get lower marks if your tutor does not understand the argument you have been developing. Hence, make sure that your conclusion clearly outlines how you have answered your main question.

Who is on the receiving end?

Well-written essays usually contain valuable ideas based on the best practices of industry leaders, innovative academic theories, or the analysis of large data samples. These concepts may be highly interesting for practitioners such as small businesses, entrepreneurs, or governmental regulators. Including a recommendations section into your conclusion may be a good idea to make your argument stronger. This demonstrates how your essay is linked with real-life practice and your future work as a manager.

In every end, there is also a beginning

While your particular essay has been completed, a researcher’s work is never done. Outlining the limitations of your findings and providing the possible directions of future research became a common courtesy in academic society. These steps can also contribute to your final mark.


Writing an effective conclusion is less difficult than you may think. However, these recommendations cannot replace thoughtful experimentation. Essay writing is a creative activity reflecting your personal vision and skills. Hence, you will probably need several attempts to polish your essay conclusion. Protection Status