Can a Dissertation be Written in a Month?

A dissertation can be a daunting, huge project for most students and signify the end of their studies, the pinnacle of university. Some people spend months writing their dissertation and others smash written work out in a weeks or less.

So what do you do when you’re struggling to get it done or haven’t started yet and the days are counting down? Do not panic, even with a month to write a dissertation can still be done with the following tips.


Dedicate your time

A month to write a dissertation is a push but you must make sure you allocate your time, dedicate yourself to its completion and work as strategically and organised as possible. This is the time when you weigh up what is more important, your academic work or your social life. It can be difficult juggling both but by saying no to your friends, you are putting your work and your success first.


Planning Effectively

You want to break down the dissertation tasks and the word count into manageable pieces. Plan the resources you need, create a dissertation checklist and know how you will work the most effectively:


  • do you need to go to the library to take out sources or access particular online sources for students?
  • do you need to organise your work space?
  • how many words do you want to write each day?
  • will you leave your introduction and conclusion till the end?
  • who will you get to proofread?…


Each day you should set small goals as it keeps you focused on the task. Small goals also reduce procrastination and overwhelm as dissertations can be very long and daunting, but if you have a plan in place you know how to keep progressing towards the final goal.


Factor in editing

You may be able to write enough words when you plan correctly, but make sure you plan for editing. This is crucial for essay writing to ensure that you are concise, professional and also proving editing skills. Editing can take a lot of time to rewrite sections, organise your paragraphs into a better flow and check all of your referencing styles. It will also be very useful to have your peers or tutor read through your work for improvements.


Fuel and Rest

To keep up with the work make sure you are taking care of your wellbeing. Do not let stress get to you and effect your writing. Therefore, ensure you are eating the right food, having caffeine if necessary and most of all, take breaks. When planning your time, include breaks to allow you to recharge, refresh and not be weighed down by the work. Protection Status