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Dissertation Checklist


Prior to submitting your dissertation, you can go through the following checklist to make sure that nothing important has been missed.

  1. All essential sections of the work are included. These are Abstract, Acknowledgements, Contents, Lists of Tables and Figures, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Analysis and Findings, Conclusion, List of References, and Appendix.
  2. The Abstract is usually the first part of the dissertation which is placed before the table of contents, but is written last. The abstract is a short overview of the whole dissertation which provides the very gist of the research and its main outcomes.
  3. The Acknowledgements are also written after finishing the main text of the thesis so that you could have a chance to acknowledge those who helped you in your research or supervision.
  4. Introduction and Conclusion disclose what is done in the thesis. Introduction shows the relevance of the topic, the background, formulates the aim and objectives and shows the structure of the study. Conclusion summarises the work by showing whether the aim and objectives were attained in the study.
  5. The main chapters of the thesis expose in detail what is done in the study and how it is done. The narrative should be logical and consistent, critical and without mistakes.
  6. The text of the thesis should be formatted according to the requirements of the university; make sure each page as well as each table and figure is numbered.
  7. Check if the Reference list includes all sources mentioned in the text and is consistent in style through the work.
  8. All tables and figures should have headings and be referred to in the main text. Also, if they were taken from other sources, these sources should be mentioned below the tables and figures, as well as in the reference list.
  9. Finally, you should proofread all text and format spacing and font consistently.