Difference Between an Informative Essay and an Argumentative Essay

Essay writing is one of the most common types of assignment that students are faced with while studying at university. When discussing information and facts in a structured manner, we usually resort to two skills of essay writing – Informative form and Argumentative form. While writing informational essays, the key is to provide, describe and explain facts and information. However, when writing argumentative essays, the essence is in providing reasons for a statement or information so that the reader agrees with the information in the end. In other words, argumentative essays push a reader to accept the writer’s perception. Both informational and argumentative essays include a thesis statement, wherein author has to state the information. The difference in the thesis statement of argumentative essays is that it is called a claim.

The Art of Argumentative Writing

With an argumentative essay, you need to structure your points in a crisp and clear manner. The process includes collection, generation, evaluation of evidence and establishing a position on the subject. From the off-set, the subject should be described, followed by a clear thesis statement. When writing about the evidence for the statement, it is imperative that the transition from one paragraph to another is made in a logical manner as you’ll be convincing the reader to accept your point of view. Argumentative essays can be both long and short depending upon the complexity of the topic.

The Discipline of Informative Writing

When writing an informative essay, there’s no straight forward methodology involved . The information can be simply provided with an introduction, followed by body text and conclusion for a compare and contrast topic. Interestingly, information can be based upon a problem – solution context or in a particular order. Notably, informative essays should not portray an opinion or a viewpoint. An informative essay has the potential to explain a convoluted topic in an uncomplicated manner.

Argumentative vs. Informative: an Example

For instance, ‘Pizza is better than burgers’. In this statement, the writer is making an attempt to state that he/she is right, and disagreeing with the statement means that the reader is wrong. On the other hand, a statement, “There are various causes of air pollution in the city” focuses on facts describing the causes of air pollution. In simple terms, the latter statement addresses the facts compared to the former one, which holds arguing opinions. In addition, sometimes essays can be a hybrid version of informative and argumentative form.

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