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How to Write a Good Essay Conclusion

writing a good essay conclusion

All good things must come to an end. However, many students fail to identify the points that can make their essay conclusions convincing and persuasive. Here are five ideas that can assist your academic writing, establish a sense of closure, and leave a lasting memory in your reader’s mind. Tie up the loose ends… If…

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Referencing: Do’s and Don’ts

help with referencing

The process of acknowledging the sources used in an academic paper, essay or assignment is known as referencing. Referencing comes handy when a reader wishes to access the source of the information used in an article. It also allows for easy assessment of academic dissertations as tutors can easily verify the validity of the evidence…

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The Best Habits for Effective Learning

how to learn effectively

Every individual has a unique way of learning and grasping things. As students complete their high schools and enter university, they observe that the same learning habits which were followed in school might not work effectively at the university. To excel in the academic and co-curricular activities at the university, it becomes essential for the…

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How to Use Apostrophes Correctly

using apostrophes correctly

Writing a research paper without any grammar mistakes may be challenging, and here is a quick guide for you to follow. In this post, we will show you how to use apostrophes in academic writing.      What Is an Apostrophe? Apostrophe (’) looks like a comma hanging at the top of the line. In English,…

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Study Smarter! 40 Revision Tips to Help You Pass Any Exam

revision tips for sitting an exam

Facing an important exam in the near future? Check out our ultimate 40 tips for exam revision! Chunk the study materials into smaller, easily recognisable parts. You need to find a comfortable place for exam preparation and limit the distractions that stem from the surrounding environment. Flashcards and keyword lists are powerful techniques for the…

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5 Tips on How to Cope with Final Year Stress

final year university stress

The results of your final year have a direct impact on your academic achievements and future employment perspectives. This pressure is frequently difficult to withstand, which could result in poor life decisions and health problems. Here are 6 tips on how to keep your stress levels under control during your final year.   1. Get…

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10 Inspirational Quotes for Fed Up Students

inspiration for fed up students

It’s now that time of year where you feel like you are drowning in deadlines, and your dissertation work seems never ending. Below we have put together 10 inspirational quotes to help rejuvenate any fed up or unmotivated student:   “The best way to predict your future, is to create it” Abraham Lincoln   “I…

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Dissertation Checklist

checklist to help complete you dissertation

Prior to submitting your dissertation, you can go through the following checklist to make sure that nothing important has been missed. All essential sections of the work are included. These are Abstract, Acknowledgements, Contents, Lists of Tables and Figures, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Analysis and Findings, Conclusion, List of References, and Appendix. The Abstract is…

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How to Write your Dissertation Abstract

tips on writing your dissertation abstract

Your abstract is simply an overview of your research and what your dissertation discusses. You can think of your abstract as a movie trailer, it allows people to know an overview of your dissertation without them having to read the whole paper. The abstract of your dissertation should be written last, once you have completed…

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