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Should You Go Travelling after University?

Travelling after university is on nearly everyone’s bucket list, especially because travel is so much more accessible now. However, there are still lots of things to consider before you make the final decision to go travelling after university.   What if you Don’t Go Travelling as a Graduate? If you decide not to go travelling…

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What to do After Your Undergraduate Degree

Graduation day is looming and you might still be questioning what you are going to do after your degree. This time can be really exciting but also very overwhelming when it comes to graduating and thinking about your future. Search and Accept a Graduate Job This might be the most obvious choice of direction for…

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The 10 Best Summer Jobs for Students

The summer, especially for university students, is particularly long and often there is not as much academic work allocated to fill the time. This should be taken advantage of to add skills to your cv, make you more employable and learn something completely new with a summer job. Here are some of the best summer…

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Can a dissertation be written in a week?

Dissertation writing can be a complicated task. Writing a dissertation requires a lot of research and thinking ability. Sometimes, students are short on time and have deadlines to meet. In such cases, a question arises as to whether a dissertation can be written in a short time period such as one week. The short answer…

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Top 10 Tips to Prepare for your Graduation Day


Graduation is one of the most important milestones of a student’s life. After more than three years of studying at university and spending endless hours to prepare for the assignments and examinations, graduation day marks the official transition of a student from university to the outside world. It is an event which is cherished by…

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Most common reasons why your academic appeal might be rejected

While academic appeal letters are accepted by most universities, a large share of them gets rejected by appeal committees. Knowing the most common causes for rejection is a good way to minimise the possibility of this outcome. Below you will find some examples of the reasons leading to the non-acceptance of academic appeals.  Lack of…

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Inspirational Quotes for Fed Up Students

It’s now that time of year where you feel like you are drowning in deadlines, and your dissertation work seems never ending. Below we have put together 10 inspirational quotes to help rejuvenate any fed up or unmotivated student: “The best way to predict your future, is to create it” Abraham Lincoln   “I have…

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How to Plan and Write a Re-Sit Assignment or Re-Submission

So, the results of your coursework or examination have been announced and they turned out to be worse than you expected. While this can make you feel depressed and lost, right now you need to concentrate on building a response plan. Most universities allow you to revert this failure and resubmit or resit your assignment…

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How to Make The Most Out of Your Time at University

Transitioning from school to University can be fun, but overwhelming. While school focuses more on studies, University gives students a chance to explore their personalities and abilities alongside academic studies. Despite the course duration, University brings ample opportunities and experiences for students to personally grow. Students should therefore make the most of their time at…

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How to Write a Top Quality Marketing Plan Essay

Many university essays require the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan for an existing or fictional organisation. Popular frameworks in this field include Business Model Canvas, a Balanced Scorecard analysis as well as more traditional solutions such as Ansoff’s Matrix and Porter’s Five Forces. Unfortunately, many of these models shift towards one of the two…

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