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EVIEWS: What is Vector Autoregression (VAR)

A vector autoregression model (VAR) is a model often used in statistical analysis, which explores interrelationships between several variables that are all treated as endogenous. This is an atheoretical model meaning that the choice of variables does not have to be backed by any specific theory and the relationship is determined based on the effects…

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The PhD Process in the UK & How It Differs to Other Countries

researching your PhD topic

What Is a PhD in the UK? UK universities are attributed some of the highest global rankings in terms of their PhD programme quality, attractiveness and reputation. This is highly beneficial for getting a degree that will be recognised by most organisations and educational institutions all over the world. At the same time, the educational…

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Write Your Best MBA Application Essay: Tips for Students

MBA application essay tips

Your MBA essay is your selling point demonstrating your unique personality and individual achievements to the business school of your choice. However, writing one without a prior experience may be a challenging task. Here are some tips that can improve your admission chances.   Be specific A wide-spread mistake is keeping to a broad focus…

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How to Write Your Personal Statement

Personal Statement

To apply to any British college or university, you will need a personal statement. Writing this piece can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. Here are few tips to help you put it together. What Is a Personal Statement, Anyway? A personal statement is usually no longer than 4,000 characters (around 50 lines)…

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What Is Porter’s 5 Forces? Use Our FREE Generator

What is Porter’s 5 Forces? Porter’s Five Forces is one of the most widely used marketing analysis instruments, allowing an understanding of a company’s competitive environment. In addition, Porter’s Five Forces is designed to assess the overall attractiveness of a particular industry for other market players. Students often use this instrument to assess the competitiveness…

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How to Write a Strong Literature Review

write a strong literature review

As a university student, there will be times when you will have to write a literature review for a dissertation or a thesis or as a standalone assignment. A literature review is generally a critical analysis of published literature, scholarly journal articles, reports, and books in a particular subject area. Basically, it is a written…

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Virtual Reality Learning

VR learning

Virtual reality (VR) learning is all the rage in modern education. This technique not only transforms the traditional classroom into a unique interactive learning environment but also shifts the learning focus from simply memorising facts to visual and auditory experiences. If you want to know more about the technology that promises to change education forever,…

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10 Hacks for Making the Most of a Small Bedroom at University

make the most of a small bedroom

Your living space should be an inspiring environment that assists with your emotional wellbeing and allows you to cope with day-to-day tasks. However, bedrooms on university campuses are typically tiny, which can be frustrating when you are used to having a much larger space back home. Here are some ideas on how to make your…

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