Collecting data can be a serious challenge, especially when your final deadline is close. In addition, it can be difficult to establish contact with your participants if they are not motivated to participate. Does this mean that your situation is desperate and you will never get a 1st on a literature-based dissertation? In dissertation writing, marks are allocated by tutors not for the methods applied, but rather the depth of research from students. These tips will help you write a strong dissertation if library research is the only option for you.


Explain the Relevance of Your Method

Consciously choosing library research does not mean that your dissertation lacks a ‘decent method’. It also doesn't mean you have necessarily chosen the weakest option. You should rationalise why this choice was made and convince your supervisor that your target population was inaccessible. It would be wise to explain why interviews, surveys, experiments and observations were less relevant to your area of academic interest.


Phrase Your Dissertation Title Correctly

Literature-based dissertations won't let you investigate the impact of some factor on a dependent variable. This is because the cause-and-effect relationship is usually tested by statistical methods. Therefore, avoid titles like ‘The impact of…’ and ‘The relationship between…”. An adequate title for a literature-based dissertation may be ‘A review of…”.


Choose Only the Top Sources

For literature based dissertations, you should prioritise articles from the top journals in your discipline. Limiting yourself to the top sources will help to identify the best studies that have been conducted. This will give you access to field research and primary evidence obtained by other researchers. Systematise and compare the findings to make your dissertation analytical but not descriptive.


Discover the Research Gaps and Offer Solutions

Literature-based dissertations should go beyond what has been discovered in the field. Critically state what was missed by the previous researchers and comment on their drawbacks. Afterwards, suggest realistic solutions for future researchers and practitioners on how to overcome these gaps. Regardless of the method used, your dissertation should contribute to knowledge development in your area.


Even though literature-based dissertations may not lead to a major breakthrough in your subject area, they can still earn a 1st if you provide a critical and in-depth evaluation of existing studies. Our professional dissertation writing services are designed the way to recognise your academic needs and also recommend the best tailored solutions in terms of research methods. So, ordering a custom-written dissertation you will receive detailed library research or reliable primary data collected in no time. Protection Status