How to Write a Top Mark Dissertation Without Primary Research

While writing a dissertation, students have a choice to make. They could either make use of primary data or secondary data in their research. Further, students could also choose to use a mixed method which makes use of both the methodologies. However, many students want to write a dissertation without having to go out and collect primary data. This article will guide you as to how to write a top mark dissertation without primary research.


Choose the Topic Carefully

Dissertation writing is highly dependent on the topic that you choose. If you want to attain a high mark without employing primary research, it is important to be careful while choosing the topic. Furthermore, you need to devise your research questions in such a manner that the existing information can answer it. The aims and objectives of your dissertation should also be framed in such a manner that they can be met by using existing data sets.


Use a Wide Range of Sources

Another important factor that will help you in attaining high marks is to make use of a wide range of sources. In a secondary research-based dissertation, you are not collecting data on your own. Therefore, it becomes critical that you make use of as many sources as you can. This provides you with two benefits. Firstly, you would be able to collect more information sets. Secondly, it provides you with different perspectives. Dissertation writing is something that is directly based on perspectives and thoughts. The more sources you use, the better you can score. But you also need to be careful about not overdoing it.


Analyse and Interpret

Interpreting and discussing the work of others are two different things. While using a secondary research methodology, it becomes extremely important to analyse the data and work of others rather than just stating the facts. By analysing the work, you are able to portray your interpretation abilities. Furthermore, analysing the work can often help you in thinking of new ideas, and this may help you in improving the quality of your dissertation. If you are undertaking an in-depth analysis of the work of others, this may also help you in comparing several data sets. This can strengthen the findings of your work.

Therefore, it is evident that you need to be tactful if you want to use a secondary research methodology. By choosing this path, you are testing your dissertation writing skills along with your ability to interpret the findings. Protection Status