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What is methodology and when will you need to write one?

Methodology is an evaluation of the methods used in research, be it a dissertation, PhD thesis or a peer-reviewed journal article. If you are a university student, you will need to write a methodology as a chapter in your final dissertation at bachelors or graduate level. While writing a methodology chapter is a straight-forward process, it often makes many students confused as they do not know what to include in this chapter and how to choose the right methods. If you study social sciences, you may be familiar with the Research Onion framework. It describes and categorises the methods that could be used in a dissertation starting from the philosophical stance to data collection techniques. However, not every methodology chapter is based on the Research Onion. Most econometric and financial studies have a specific approach to writing a methodology, which usually includes an assessment of statistical models used in research. Regardless of the type of your research, you will most likely have to include the description of your data and sample size, how the data is collected, what type of data you have used, and what techniques or models you have implemented for data analysis.


What is our methodology tool and how can it help you?

We have created a methodology tool to help you decide on what methods are most optimal for your dissertation and your course of studies. You can use it completely free of charge. It works simple:

  • Choose your subject
  • Select the topic that looks most similar to yours
  • Pick what your study will do in the drop down menu
  • Choose how you plan to collect the data
  • Select one of the options on what you will analyse

In the result section, you will get a list of methods most appropriate for your study. You can refer to methodology books to describe the methods or contact our team and order a full custom written methodology chapter. Have questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]