Worldbank Data Tool

Our Worldbank Data Tool

Our Worldbank Data product is a tool that allows you to retrieve more than 1500 social and economic variables from the World Bank Database using the World Bank API. The data is automatically converted into a panel form. How is it different from World Development Indicators (WDI)? They provide the data in a very inconvenient format and students spend hours to transform the raw data into a panel form to run a regression analysis. With our tool, we provide the same data on WDI but we have done the heavy lifting for you and the data can be imported in a panel form in the excel format. All you have to do is run statistical tests or regressions. This tool will save you both time and energy that you could allocate to studies instead of data collection and conversion.  

How does the Worldbank tool work?

How does this tool work? It’s really simple. Enter your email address, pick the countries from the drop down menu, choose the time period required and select the variables you need in the left column. Once you have done this, click Make Request and your file will be ready to download. The downloaded excel file can be imported in any econometric software such as Eviews or Stata and no further data transformation is needed.

Still need help?

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