Writing a 1st Standard Dissertation

Our Guide to Writing a 1st Standard Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is not a simple exercise. If you want to achieve a first class paper, you need to make sure that your dissertation is up to the expected standards. The primary objective behind a dissertation is to display your grasp over a particular topic that you choose. Additionally, a dissertation shows your ability to structure thoughts in an organised manner. A well written dissertation can help you in your future career as well. For this purpose, it is crucial to ensure that you follow the best practices for writing a dissertation. We have detailed these below for you.

Choosing the Right Topic

The first and foremost step is to choose a topic that is the most appropriate. Unless you choose a topic which you are familiar with and passionate about, it is very hard to get a first class score. At the same time, your dissertation should have a topic that is researchable and does not have issues with data availability. If you choose a topic that has sufficient prior research and secondary data available, it may help you in writing a better dissertation. For example, if you choose a topic such as financial analysis of the top listed companies in South Africa, you are likely to find sufficient secondary data from the respective stock exchange websites or annual reports of companies. This will help you in writing a dissertation that is comprehensive and can address your research questions thoroughly. On the other hand, if your topic revolves around data from private companies, it may be very challenging for you to acquire and this may impact your final grades. Thus, in order to achieve a first, it is important to choose the right topic. Our team of professional dissertation writers will help you create topics that are researchable and have a high chance of getting you a first.

Follow Your University Handbook

One of the reasons why students often fail to reach a first with their dissertation is because they did not follow the university handbook closely. It’s a common misconception that dissertation writing rules are universal. In reality, each university has some unique requirements about presentation, format and even content. This is the reason why at our company we always ask our clients to provide us with their dissertation handbook. We make sure that the work will be structured correctly and the requirements for each grade will be met by the writer. This also ensures that our papers are tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Choose the Right Methodology

In order to ensure that you get a first class score, it is important that you choose the right research techniques and methodology. Students often do not see the differences between the primary and secondary research. They also often do not know which method is most effective for each type of study. For example, if your dissertation is on macroeconomics, it is very unlikely it will involve primary research. Moreover, by choosing primary research for economics dissertations it is too easy to get a lower grade. Conversely, if you have selected a marketing research topic, you are most likely to deal with primary research. However, including too much statistics in a marketing dissertation could produce more harm than good whereas in an economics dissertation more statistics would increase the probability of getting a higher grade. The student must have a feel for what’s more appropriate in each case.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that you choose the right statistical software. You need to identify the software which is easily available and at the same time that can help you in analysing your data. Different software have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, while SPSS is a very effective and popular tool for analysis of surveys, it’s not very useful in analysis of panel data. Stata and Eviews, by contrast, are less popular in marketing and business dissertation but are very popular and useful in economics and finance dissertations because each programme has unique features that are optimal for specific tasks. That’s why we always ask our clients about software to be used and provide advice on the right methodology for each topic. We even created a free methodology tool on our website that can help you choose the right methods for your dissertation on your own.

Don’t Forget About Structure and Proofreading

Often, students neglect the structure and formatting part, which results in a lower grade being awarded to their dissertation. It is important that your dissertation has a logical flow and relevant headings and subheadings. Moreover, there must be balance between the word lengths of each chapter. While different universities have different rules, one thing that often distinguishes low grade dissertations from high grade dissertations is that the former do not have sufficient word count allocated for analysis. The analysis and results chapter is the most important part of any dissertation. We recommend that at least 40% of the word count must be allocated to this chapter unless the university rules provide different guidelines for the structure. Another common feature of dissertations that did not reach a first is that they do not account for limitations and have no, or very few, recommendations. Even though your dissertation is an academic project, it must have practical implications and make valid recommendations based on results.

Our analysis of university rules shows that up to 10% marks are awarded for presentation. This means that even if your work is flawless in terms of content, you still may not get a first because of poor presentation. A well-structured dissertation will have clear chapters and sub-chapters, table of contents, abundant tables and figures, well written abstract, and up to the standard reference list. Do not forget about proofreading, and if English is not your first language, check our list of the most common grammar mistakes that students make when writing a dissertation.

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