Coca Cola Company

Written by Anna D.


The most popular soft drink chain in the world, Coca Cola, originated in Atlanta, Georgia, in the year 1886. Being a prominent manufacturer, dealer and supplier of non-alcoholic drink concentrates and syrups globally, Coca Cola supplies its beverage concentrates and syrups to distributors, bottling and canning operators and fountain retailers and wholesalers. Apart from bottled and canned soft drinks and concentrates, the company’s beverage products consist of various tea, coffee and sports drinks. Although the company started building its international network in the 1920s, it now operates in nearly 200 countries and produces more than 400 brands.  

The Coca Cola Company and its global network of bottlers consists of the most advanced and persistent production and distribution system across the world. The company dedicates this system to its hard-working people who contribute their efforts to selling the products manufactured by Coca Cola. This exceptional global system has made Coca Cola the world’s leading soft drink manufacturing company. The company has consistently aimed at increasing its value for investors (Kumar, 2017). It has been successful in accomplishing this by tying up with its business partners who deliver quality and satisfaction to its consumers through their services. This has also helped Coca Cola to increase its brand equity on a worldwide basis.

The company constantly aims at managing its business well with strongly committed people who adhere to the company values and culture. Also, the company excels in providing a suitably controlled environment to its employees where they can work together to fulfil Coca Cola aims and objectives. The company encourages its associates to mutually take the responsibility to ensure compliance as per the context of policies and protect the Coca Cola’s assets and resources while preventing business risks.


Coca Cola Aims and Objectives

As per Coca Cola, the company’s vision serves as the framework for its road map and guides in every aspect of its business. The company focuses on accomplishing its vision while achieving a sustainable and quality growth (Banks, 2016). The company aims to provide a great place of work for its people where they are inspired to attain best results. It also aims to present itself to the world as a quality drinks producer with high brand values. The company also encourages people to be responsible citizens and make a difference by building and supporting a sustainable community.

Coca Cola works hard to fulfill its objectives, which consist of four major elements that include:

Leadership – The company not only plans to be an international leader in the beverage industry but also makes efforts to reduce the emission from its various plants, thus caring for the environment (Boyjoo et al., 2017).

Integrity – Coca Cola believes that the integrity of a company depends on its products and that it must provide authentic products to its consumers.

Accountability – Coca Cola has taken a stand to be responsible for everything it manufactures without any concern or regret, and thus it invests in a good-quality work force.

Diversity – The company regularly takes drastic steps to promote its products and reach a wide number of consumers all over the world.



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