Sheikh A.

Islamic Finance (Masters), Accounting and Finance (BSc)

I’m an Islamic Finance writer. I know quite a few other subjects, but this is my specialty and the high demand for this subject keeps me occupied full time. Although I have been writing on this subject for a number of years (and have been published a few times), I’m happy to help you start right at the beginning. One thing to keep in mind is to get requests in early as I do get booked up very quickly!


  • MSc Islamic Finance (Durham University, Distinction)
  • BSc Accounting and Finance (University of Warwick, 1st)

Software Skills

Excel, Eviews, Stata

Years worked as an academic writer




Favourite topics

Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Financial Markets, Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH), Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Sample Dissertation

Validity of the Efficient Market Hypothesis in Islamic Countries