John W.

Advanced Science (Masters), Chemistry (Masters), Chemistry (BA)

I hold two Master of Science Degrees, one in Inorganic Chemistry (Chemistry of Coordination Compounds) and the second one in Organic Chemistry (Advanced Sciences). Helping students is my passion. I started my career as a freelance writer in 2011, immediately after receiving my second Master of Science degree. Since then, freelance writing has been my main activity, and over the past years, I have completed numerous essays, assignments, reports, and dissertations. I am always open to new opportunities and endeavours.


  • M.Sc Advanced Science (Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry)
  • M.Sc Exact Sciences (Specialisation in coordination chemistry)
  • BA (hons) Chemistry

Software Skills

SPSS, Minitab, MATLAB, Aspen, ChemOffice, MOE (Molecular Operating Environment), Spartan

Years worked as an academic writer




Favourite topics

Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic), Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Biology, Ionic liquids, fine organic synthesis, HPLC, enzyme catalysis in organic chemistry, computer simulation of chemical processes, organometallic chemistry, carbon capture and storage, development of biomaterials, biofuel, alternative energy sources, hybrid propulsion systems, and environmental impacts of chemical processes