What is Porter's 5 Forces?

Porter’s Five Forces is one of the most widely used marketing analysis instruments, allowing an understanding of a company’s competitive environment. In addition, Porter’s Five Forces is designed to assess the overall attractiveness of a particular industry for other market players. Students often use this instrument to assess the competitiveness of the company they are writing about. It also allows them to consider what factors could impact its business and position in the marketplace. To attain this aim, the framework covers five major forces, namely:

  • The bargaining power of suppliers.
  • The bargaining power of customers.
  • The threat of substitution.
  • The threat of a new entrant.
  • Competitive rivalry.


How to use Porter's 5 Forces analysis tool

To assist students and marketing practitioners in their academic assignments and business-related studies, our essay writing service has designed a smart generator that allows for analysing the competitiveness of any business entity based on the provided input parameters. The Porter’s Five Forces analysis tool is easy to use since it has pop-up hints, which would guide you through the analysis process. For your convenience, we have summarised the key steps you should take to carry out a Five Forces analysis.



Use our Porter's 5 Forces FREE Generator

  • Firstly, you should select an industry and country/market you would like to analyse. Just enter the above information in the respect text-boxes and hit the ‘Continue’ button.


  • Next, answer a set of questions about your target company’s suppliers.


  • After this, select of the three options offered, namely ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘I don’t know’ for each question. The generator will automatically assess how much power your suppliers have. You should give at least four Yes/No answers to proceed. When you are ready, hit the ‘Next’ button.


  • Do the same for the threat of substitutes section. Here, you will be asked about the availability of cheaper substitute goods and products of similar quality, personalised offers, standardised product features, and product differentiation. 


  • Next, the generator will offer you to provide some information about buyers, including their concentration, awareness of goods, sensitivity to price changes, and purchase behaviour.


  • Then, answer some questions regarding the threat of new entrants. Does the government encourage new entrants? Do they have easy access to distribution channels? Are the unit costs for production at minimum? This information will help our generator identify how easily a company could enter the target market. 


  • Finally, answer the section on the assessment of the competition strength based on the number of rivals, market growth, switching costs, product differentiation, and diversity level between competitors.


Things to Note

Whilst completing the form, remember that the more Yes/No responses you provide, the more accurate the results our Porter’s Five Forces analysis tool will be. You can always get help and more information by hovering over the ‘i’ icon, to the right of each question.

The Porter’s Five Forces analysis instrument collects all the information you have provided and generates a results page where you can find the strength of the competitive forces your industry is shaped by in the given country. By using this analysis tool, you can conduct an in-depth Porter’s Five Forces analysis, which will contribute to the quality of your report or any other type of academic assignment. However, if your academic task requires a more integrated approach, you can always ask our professional report writers for assistance.