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Video Tutorials

Our YouTube channel provides helpful tips and video tutorials on how to complete your University work successfully. We offer advice on various topics, from writing your Dissertation, to gathering data and compiling it correctly, to analysing the data using various statistical software. For your ease, we have made our video tutorials available below, enjoy!

SPSS TUTORIAL: Linear Regression - Testing Assumptions

Welcome to our latest SPSS tutorial video What will you learn from this video?

1. How to test the relationship between independent and dependent variables.

2. How to test assumptions of linear regression

SPSS TUTORIAL: Descriptive Statistics - Building Charts in SPSS

In this latest statistical analysis tutorial, we will show you how to build descriptives (mean and standard deviation) and how to build frequency tables and charts in SPSS. This tutorial will help make carrying out statistical analysis of data for your dissertation much easier.

EVIEWS TUTORIAL: Vector Autoregression VAR

Our latest video on statistical softwares will show you how to estimate a Vector Autoregression (VAR) using Eviews software, and how to interpret the VAR output using Impulse Response Functions (IRFS).

STATA TUTORIAL: Panel Regression Analysis

Need help using Stata? This tutorial will show you how to estimate panel regression analysis, and how to choose between fixed and random effect specification.

SPSS TUTORIAL: Definition of variables in your survey

In this step by step tutorial from 15 Writers we will show you how to create a variable definition chart for your questionnaire and how to input raw data into SPSS.

DISSERTATION HELP: How to input your data

This step by step tutorial from 15 Writers will show you how to input data for your dissertation. You will learn how to create a data set based on completed questionnaire forms, and how to build graphs based on your raw data using excel.

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