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Essay: User-generated content strategy of FedEx

Why FedEx Company has been successful on social media

Integrating across many functions:

The Company has well managed interaction model that helps it have good coordination between many departments such as customer care, PR, marketing and sales (Hutt & Speh, 2016). This model enables the company to respond faster and relay consistent information about its brand on social media.


FedEx is creative in its approach:

In first experience of FedEx brand, the company encountered challenge with its scans posting, the matter took the whole day (FedEx, 2017). The worst part of it was that it was the same time iPhone 4 was being unveiled. Every tech savvy was expecting their iPhone to be unveiled but was unable to trace it. FedEx decided to do something new- responding to the most popular and connected influencers and relayed the information to their social media followers. This approach enabled the company to restore number of social media inquiries from critical high numbers back to usual in just hours.


FedEx is authentic:

The Company motivates and encourages its staff members to communicate with its customers in genuine and unscripted manner and ensures that they use their first names (Hutt & Speh, 2016). They receive more information praising their brand for genuine and personable manner they offer assistance.


FedEx tries new things:

The Company takes risks of trying out new things with courage. Sometimes in the past, the company piloted video interactions. Although it did not spread widely, these who used the video were impressed with it. It became an important way to wade through complex issues to provide simple answers, such as assisting customers fill out international shipping documents that would be difficult doing through screen share. It was a very important tool to customers who do not carry out international shipping on a daily basis (Håkansson, 2016). 


FedEx delivers excellence to clients regardless of their status:

Marsha Collier, an author of a number of For Dummies book, sought the services of the company concerning delivery issue. Robin Haskin, an employee of the company, offered Marsha excellent help regardless of who she was. The client was very happy with kind of assistance she received and promised to feature Robin and the company in her book (Turnbull, P. and Wilson 2017). Robin at a later date appeared in one of “I am FedEx” videos (internal social media) - a group of videos where the company staff members narrate their experiences, but FedEx got more publicity through this successful client interaction.


What should have been done differently by FedEx

Avoid the ROI trap 

            FedEx should have avoided the trap of ROI. There is no one simple measure for ROI on social media efforts, which is not easy to accept when a company is under pressure to prove immediate impact (Hutt & Speh, 2016). While several companies have benefited well through social media, many of them began by adding value and enhancing engagement incrementally and this is what FedEx should have done differently.



  1. FedEx should remain focused on its goals and the needs of its audiences and online behaviors. Remaining focused on this will enable it improve and maintain its social media success.
  2. The company should reduce redundancies, overlaps, and a general lack of communication that avoid its content marketers from delivering better content experience by adopting clever problem-solving and a clear strategic road map.



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