Writing Guide: How To Write a Strong Appeal Letter

Students having to start any appeal procedure related to a failed examination or course frequently find themselves confused by the complexity of university requirements, time pressures or personal circumstances. Getting a readmission for the next year or the right to resubmit your failed coursework or essay should be your top priority at the moment. Below you will find some tips on how to write a strong appeal letter. If you are still struggling with this task, you can contact our professional appeals and re-submission service to get further guidance in this matter.


1. Show Gratitude

The right for an appeal is a favour provided by your college or university. You must clearly demonstrate your gratitude for the provision of this opportunity. Try to be more personal by addressing your letter to your Dean and/or committee members instead of using the trite ‘To Whom It May Concern’ line.


2. Analyse Your Own Mistakes...

Before you ask for a second chance, you must clearly demonstrate that you understand what led to your failure in the first place. If your dismissal was caused by personal health issues, depression, family problems, struggles with substance abuse, you must outline all these reasons in your appeal letter.


3. ...and Take Responsibility for Them

Yes, there were some force majeure factors that had affected your academic performance during the previous semester. However, simply blaming them for your failure is the wrong strategy. You could have discussed these issues with your advisor or tutor to get a leave of absence. Take responsibility and demonstrate that you understand what you did wrong. This is the first step towards building a more effective strategy to prevent similar failures in the future.


4. Show Them the New Plan

What will you do if the earlier identified failure factors reappear in the future? Why should the commission give you another chance if you can fail again and simply waste the time and resources of your college or university? To succeed in your appeal, you need to show them your new stronger strategy of tackling the mentioned challenges. Everyone makes mistakes but you must demonstrate your capability to learn from your past experiences. For example, you can cite the additional courses you are willing to take to learn how to write a good assignment if your academic skills were one of the failure antecedents.


5. Avoid Blaming Others

Your failure could be partially caused by the biased judgements of some professors, the lack of support from academic staff members or the poor living conditions provided by the dormitory. Now is not the time to discuss these issues. Blaming your college or university and asking them for a favour simultaneously is not a very good strategy.


6. Be Polite No Matter What

You may be presently experiencing negative emotions. Even if you are reinstated, you will lose several thousand dollars due to a missed academic year. However, the appeals committee are not responsible for your problem and are simply following the established procedure. Demonstrate humility and thank them for considering your request. Even if they decide to not give a positive reply to your letter of appeal, make sure that you express gratitude for their time. If you are considering the possibility of readmission, your goal is to leave a positive impression.


7. Write Your Own Letter

Presently, there exist hundreds of online samples of strong appeal letters created by writing experts. The problem is that many students simply copy whole paragraphs from them without thinking that academic committees are well aware of these examples. Showing them clearly stolen content instantly renders your claims of future improvement null and void. If you do not care enough to write your own appeal letter and acclaim your mistakes in your own words, no one would believe your promise to exert yourself in the future.


Unfortunately, a strong appeal letter does not give a 100% guarantee of readmission. While the appeals committee may be impressed with your sincerity, simple honesty cannot fully replace consistent academic performance. The chances of a student who only had problems during a single semester will always be stronger than those of a student who had demonstrated poor grades throughout the whole period of study. The best option is still to prevent dismissal rather than to cope with its consequences. If you realise that your academic performance in this semester puts you at risk of failure, find a reliable essay writing service to learn what can be done to improve your academic performance before it is too late.