Dissertation Topic Examples: For Bachelors, Masters and PhD Level

Below we have compiled a list of ten free dissertation topic examples for each academic level. Whether you are studying for a Bachelors, Masters or PhD, these samples will give you a good idea on what is expected of you at each level, and hopefully give you some inspiration to get started with your dissertation or thesis writing!

Bachelors Dissertation Topic Samples

  1. Exploring the effect of globalisation on the plastics industry in India.
  2. What keeps workers loyal and motivated? The role of intrinsic and extrinsic factors at Toyota.
  3. The barriers to entry in the information technology industry in China. An international perspective.
  4. Growing trends in consumer behaviour in relation to social media advertising.
  5. The power of leading: an analysis of the relationship between leadership and individual performance in the NHS.
  6. The effectiveness of risk management methods during software development in the automotive industry.
  7. Exploring the factors affecting Indian learners’ second-language proficiency in higher school.
  8. Impulsive purchases: how do online shopping apps influence electronics consumers’ buying behaviour?
  9. The impact of ethnic differences on brand perceptions: a comparison between Chinese and British fashion consumers.
  10. The effectiveness of social media in promoting small and medium enterprises in the UK.

Masters Dissertation Topic Samples

  1. An investigation into the role of job-embedded learning in the professional development of project team members in the IT industry.
  2. Exploring the e-readiness of Nigerian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for e-commerce adoption.
  3. The impact of digital education tools and options on student productivity in the UK higher education system: a mediating role of culture.
  4. Factors affecting workforce diversity management and their impact on the effectiveness of IKEA’s diversity strategy.
  5. Examining the link between employee benefits and job satisfaction at Facebook.
  6. Factors influencing the marketing strategy success or failure: a BP case.
  7. Gender inequality in the workplace and its impact on employee motivation and performance in the British banking industry.
  8. Exploring the role of demographic characteristics in the consumer decision-making process in the online environment.
  9. An investigative analysis of the impact of project length on project quality and management control in the British construction industry.
  10. Evaluating the impacts of automation and digitisation on the effectiveness of business logistics in the automotive industry in Germany.

PhD Thesis Topic Samples

  1. Examining generational differences in travellers’ perceptions of dark tourism experiences - a link to consumer demand.
  2. The effect of vendors’ failure on the success or failure of infrastructure projects in multinational corporations.
  3. Institutional exclusion on the basis of gender and race and its impact on employee motivation and performance in the construction industry.
  4. Exploring the benefits and limitations of using big data analytics in evaluating customer behaviour in the healthcare industry.
  5. The effectiveness of leadership and corporate governance in the automotive industry and their effect on organisational performance and change at Volkswagen.
  6. The impacts of workplace automation on employment and work in the British retail industry: an employee perspective.
  7. Exploring the relationship between outsourcing labour and organisational performance: a moderating role of leadership in the telecommunications industry.
  8. School-related and home-related factors affecting students’ academic achievement and emotional well-being in the UK secondary school system.
  9. The use of sustainability marketing instruments by British retailers and their impact on the consumption of green products by generation X, Y and Z?
  10. Entering the age of disruption: can established business entities master disruptive innovation like start-ups? Exploring challenges and benefits.
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