R-Studio Analysis and Writing Service

What is R and R-Studio?

R is a free and open-source programming language for statistical analysis. R-Studio is the most commonly used integrated development environment (IDE) for programming in R.

What is R used for?

R is one of the most popular statistical software platforms used by researchers. It has been employed for performing statistical analyses in physics, biology, economics, social sciences, machine learning, statistics, and meta-analysis. As using R is free, universities often adopt it in both introductory and more complex statistical courses.

Complexities involved in R-Studio assignment

Although the R community provides many resources for learning the R language, students frequently face problems when trying to complete their R Studio assignments.

Unlike popular UI-driven software (Stata, EViews, SPSS), R is first and foremost a programming language. Students without extensive coding experience may struggle with unintuitive syntax and object-oriented architecture of the language.

R is open-source and is used in a variety of disciplines. This produced a large number of packages that students have to research and install in order to perform tasks that are available in other statistical software out of the box.

Existing tutorials, guides, and Stack Overflow answers often refer to different packages and it may be confusing for students to understand which approach is the most appropriate for a specific assignment.

Data visualisation requires much more input compared to UI-based statistical software. Students may be required to use additional packages with more complex programming syntax for creating aesthetically pleasing graphics.

How we can help with R-Studio assignments

Our R-Studio statistical and technical services allow students to complete their R-Studio assignments without the coding struggles associated with the R language:

  • We employ professional researches that are able to quickly complete R-Studio assignments. This saves students time as learning another programming language can be impractical considering deadlines and intensity of university courses;
  • Our researchers are proficient with R and R-Studio which ensures that the assignments are completed correctly. This helps students avoid making mistakes in their assignments. R is designed with professional statisticians in mind and it is easy for students to make a mistake when choosing an appropriate package, using unfamiliar packages, or performing more complex analyses;
  • The R-Studio writing services that we offer can help students learn the R language and relevant statistical notions. Our researchers provide detailed answers to assignment questions which may greatly assist students in understanding how specific statistical concepts should be employed and interpreted.
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