Dissertation Data Collection: Consent Form Example

Consent Form

When writing a dissertation, you should remember that any research projects involving human respondents usually require their consent before collecting any data. We have developed a set of step-by-step guidelines, which might help you create a consent form.

  1. Give the title of your study and the researcher’s name.
  2. State that the participant information sheet has been read and the respondent has had the opportunity to ask all the questions they wanted.
  3. A statement should be included stating that the participant understands what is expected from them and how the data collection process will be managed.
  4. Provide a section for the participant to confirm their voluntary participation.
  5. State that the respondent is free to withdraw consent at any time.
  6. State the period of time within which the participant can withdraw permission to use their data.
  7. Include a statement that the data provided by the participant may be looked at by the researcher, supervisor, and thesis committee members.
  8. Re-state the risks and benefits associated with the study. If no risks/benefits are involved, make it clear by including an appropriate statement.
  9. You should also include a statement that the researcher will secure the anonymity and security of the respondent.
  10. Include a section for the respondent to indicate agreement to participate by signing the form or ticking the appropriate check-box.

Below, we have included an example of how a consent form for dissertation data collection may look. 


Example a consent form:


Project Title: _________________________________________

Student Name: ________________________________________


By signing this consent form, I declare that:

consent form example

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