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What are Pre-Written Essays and Dissertations?

Occasionally, we have fully written papers in our system that have not yet been sold to clients. This may be due to the client changing their supervisor, or the supervisor changing the topic of our client's work. The sudden change can sometimes leave us with fully written original custom-made work that is no longer needed by the client. 

All of our pre-written works for sale are complete papers, with a full reference list, written on a particular topic. We sell these papers for a significantly discounted price, compared to if you were to order a custom written paper. They are original, plagiarism free and have not been used elsewhere. If you purchase one of our pre-written papers, it will be removed from this page and will not be available for anyone else to buy. 

Any papers that we currently have available are listed below. If you are interested in finding out the cost and more information about a particular paper, please email [email protected] with the reference to the chosen paper listed below.


Available Pre-Written Essays and Dissertations:



Bachelors, 2:1 standard Law Dissertation. 15,000 words with OSCOLA referencing. 

The topic of this paper discusses freedom of expression and the right to Privacy. 



Masters, Distinction standard Health Essay. 3,000 words with Harvard referencing.

The topic of this paper discusses a case study on a patient with Arthrogryposis, Person-Environment Fit and Recommendations for Future Interventions