10 of the best academic phrases to use in your essays

Essay writing can be a tricky task for students. This is because the tone of academic essays is expected to be formal. Such a formal tone of writing is not easy to master. However, there are certain words and phrases that could help you in simplifying the process. So, here are 10 of the best academic phrases to use in your essays:


  1. Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly

In order to structure arguments in your essay better, it is often useful to use phrases such as First of all or firstly, secondly, and so on. It helps you in building arguments while also providing a better flow to your thoughts.


  1. Therefore/As a consequence

By making use of “therefore” or “as a consequence”, you are inferring your results or findings. This makes your essay more compelling and convincing. Also, it provides a bit more context to your conclusion.


  1. In contrast

This phrase can be used while comparing two sets of arguments or information. Further, the tone of these phrases is formal, allowing students to meet the requirements of an academic essay.


  1. In other words

This phrase can be utilised when you’re building an argument that can be presented in multiple ways. By making use of this phrase, you will be able to strengthen your arguments.


  1. In order to

Whenever you are trying to explain something in your essay, this phrase comes in handy. It can help you in describing theories, thoughts, and examples.


  1. In particular/For instance

If you are looking to stress on a particular argument by providing examples, this phrase can be used. It helps in linking a concept with an example so that you can make your essay more compelling.


  1. On the other hand

Whenever you are comparing two contradicting statements or thoughts, this phrase can be deployed. It acts as a good link between two opposite schools of thought.


  1. It can be argued

This academic phrase is useful in essay as it helps to emphasise the critical edge in your writing and shows your ability to evaluate the arguments you discuss. However, as with other academic words, make sure you do not overuse them.


  1. Furthermore

In case you are making a point in your essay and then want to add more weight to your argument, you can make use of “furthermore”. It helps in making an argument more substantial.


  1. Having said that

This phrase is useful when you are looking to make two different points in the same paragraph. It helps you in maintaining the flow and not being abrupt.

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