Juggling all your commitments can be very difficult at times and occasionally you may miss a lecture. This can be due to appointments, emergencies, sickness or simply your alarm not going off. If this does happen, there are steps you can take to ensure you aren’t missing too much important information.

Talk to your Classmates

This is probably the most important step to take. Speaking to your classmates that definitely attended the lecture can provide you with very useful information. They can provide you with a brief overview of the lecture, photocopy their notes and highlight the biggest take aways from the lecture.

This personal point of view can be especially helpful if you are unable to get the speakers notes, the lecturer may say more information than provided in any presentation or documentation. If you are able to speak to multiple people this can present you with different points of view and alternate highlights of the lecture.


Check your online portal

Most of the time your lecturer’s will add the presentations and documentations online for you to look at. This will give you the opportunity to see the lecture, download any sheets provided and get a better idea of the content. There may even be the opportunity to watch recordings of the lecture. This would be excellent if you miss the lecture so you can make your own notes or if you prefer watching them in your own time and pace.


Let your lecturer know

Out of courtesy you should email your lecturer to let them know why you didn't attend the recent lecture, if possible do this before hand if it planned. This maintains a good relationship between you and the tutor, as you still want to come across as a motivated student and interested in your course.

The lecturer can also point you in the right direction for some extra reading and useful sources to go to for your own study of the subject.



Do not let it become a habit

Just because you missed one lecture and feel you have caught up well does not mean you should take this as an opportunity to miss future ones purposely. The information and interaction you gain from a lecture itself is so important. The things you find imperative to your studies may be different to those of your peers and you can be missing vital points just by using their notes.

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