How To Cope With University Related Anxiety


In today’s world, dealing with stress and anxiety is part of life. Students who are in University are particularly susceptible to anxiety because of several reasons. Firstly, moving into University is vastly different from high school. Secondly, many students tend to move cities or countries in order to enrol into the University of their choice. In both these cases, students are likely to deal with anticipatory anxiety. This form of anxiety occurs when you are waiting for something to happen. It can also happen when there is a major change in your life. But not all students know how to deal with such anxiety. This article will help you in coping with University anxiety.


Performance-related Pressure

Anxiety can prove to be a major hurdle in the life of students. It can lead to under-performance at University, health, and wellness issues, as well as the fear of failure. Therefore, it is important for students to understand how to deal with University -related anxiety and stress. The first and foremost way of dealing with University anxiety is to try and enjoy it. Moving into University could mean a major change for many students, but it is also something to look forward to. Often, students tend to take things too seriously. This can be due to the fact that they have negative expectations towards joining or re-joining University. In order to deal with this, students should change their mindset and try to be more positive.


Moving Away From Home

Another aspect of University can be moving away from your family or your comfort zone. This can be another source of anxiety. When you join University, for the first few months, you are likely to feel the impact of separation anxiety. The best way to deal with this is to prepare your mind beforehand. However, in many cases, it is hard for students to anticipate it, and they tend to suffer. Even if you are not mentally prepared for University, things can still work out. In order to get rid of separation anxiety, you could take the help of your University friends and classmates. The best way to get over separation from your family is to form new bonds with the people you see around you in University. If you are not able to find good friends, another way could be to bond with your favourite teachers. This way, you are not likely to feel the separation anxiety too much.


Work Overload

Yet another form of anxiety that could impact you as a University student could be the consistent flow of projects and tests. In most modern Universities, the number of assignments that are allocated to students is much higher than what they are used to in school. This change could have a negative impact on their motivation levels and could lead to University anxiety. In order to deal with this form of anxiety, there are a couple of steps that can be taken by a student. One way is to interact with someone who has gone through University . The experiences of others can prove to be of great help because they can allow you to plan for what is coming at you. Another way to deal with this anxiety is to be well prepared. It is a known fact that most students going into University are not prepared for what is coming up. This is the root cause of University anxiety among such students. The best way to deal with it is to have prior discussions about University life with your parents. You could also look up the internet and try to set expectations in your mind regarding the workflow in Universities. This would help you to a great extent and make sure that you deal with University in a better manner.


Coping Through Hobbies and Learning

You could also look to take on a hobby that helps you in getting away from the anxiety and stress of University life. In doing so, you will be able to relax and unwind while enjoying yourself to the fullest. One of the best ways is to engage yourself in learning a new musical instrument. Such hobbies can help your mind in relaxing, and you also learn something new. You also get a sense of accomplishment since you are able to do something that you could not do before. This is a great way to overcome the anxiety and stress that is associated with University life.



Thus, to sum up, anxiety is something that any student can face. It can arise in various forms and have a negative impact on your performance. Hopefully we have provided you with some useful tips that you could adopt in order to help overcome it. Protection Status