Top 5 Postgraduate Subjects for Employability

Being able to find a job after you leave university is very important, but with more and more graduates gaining degrees each year it is becoming harder to identify what degrees make you a desirable employee. Whilst there are jobs which are directly vocational, such as midwifery and nursing, this list focuses on the degrees that make you a desirable candidate for multiple industries and fields of employment.


Computer sciences

Being educated in computer sciences gives you an advantage when it comes to areas of employment. Mankind’s growing interest and dependence on technology means that there is a greater demand for people who have the ability to understand how to develop, repair or destroy certain computer software. There are many different avenues one can go down should they gain a degree in computer sciences, many of which are particularly well paid.



To quote Bob Marley ‘money is numbers and the numbers never end’ aside from his point, being that money and therefore numbers will never bring you true happiness, they do make it considerably easier for you to find a job if you know how to work with them.

Mathematics is intrinsically linked to the burgeoning economy surrounding computers, technology and programming and so it is always useful in helping to find you a job. Not only that, but accountancy is also a very legitimate option for those who have studied mathematics.




Civil engineering

Civil engineering involves the upkeep, renewal and construction of a number of different things that are fundamentally important to modern living. All the while the human species needs houses, transport networks and running water, we will also need civil engineers. There are countless opportunities for those in this field.


Aerospace engineering

As humans we are always looking to explore farther than we have ever done before. Aerospace engineering is the field that will carry us out into space, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Not only is the field of aerospace engineering incredibly difficult, but it is also one that holds many an opportunity for those who successfully complete the degree.


International relations

This may seem like a wild card on the list, and is finally a point for the social science and the humanities students. People who study international relations often find it easier to not only find a job but to also make an above average wage within their field.

The world is a complicated place and there will always be a need for people to help try to make sense of it all. International relations covers a number of different job roles, and is a degree that can be built upon by specialising in specific fields.

Do not despair if your degree is not on the list, there are plenty of employers who will judge you based on your performance rather than your specific degree. If you are a student of one of the lucky five on the list, make sure to make the most of your degree! Protection Status