How to Survive the Christmas Break as a Student

For many students the Christmas break is the first time going back home for a significant amount of time. It can be a difficult time of the year because many tutors set assignment deadlines for your return in January, and then there are also January exams too. This article shows you how to plan your Christmas break to make the most of the time you have in the festive period, without too much stress on your return to University.


  1. Plan your studies

    It is vital not to forget your looming January deadline and exams when you are caught up in all the festive celebrating. Try to set aside a couple of days dedicated to revising and completing assignments. There is nothing worse than having a manic rush on 2nd January to get everything done.

  2. Secret Santa

    This can be a great way to cope with the expense of buying all of your family presents at Christmas.Suggest that you all complete a Secret Santa and draw each other’s names out of a hat. This way you will only need to buy for one person and you can get them a really lovely gift, spending more on them than you ever could if you were buying for the whole family. This also works with friends too, and it can be great fun to meet up and exchange gifts. You can also save time by only having to shop for one present!


  3. Seasonal work

    Many companies are looking for temporary staff during the festive period, especially in restaurants and retail shops. This can be a great way to earn some extra cash at Christmas, but also gets you out of your parents’ house.

    You can simply search on job sites, such as; indeed, for Christmas part-time jobs. There will be an abundance of companies looking for flexible workers for sometimes only a couple of weeks. Also try to drop your CV into local pubs and restaurants.

  4. Catch up with friends

    Now is the time to catch up with all of your friends who you have not seen in the last few months. You can all share your freshers’ week stories and plan you trips to visit each other’s universities. Protection Status