Meet a New Review Service for Students Accommodation in the UK!

How often student tenants do not get what they have paid for? How often student tenancies do not meet the basic quality standards? And most importantly, how to make sure your student hall provider, letting agent, or landlord is reliable? If you are a student and any of these questions have ever crossed your mind, then you should worry no more. There is a new review service called CribAdvisor, which enables students to leave anonymous reviews about letting agents and landlords and improve the standard of student tenancies in the UK.


The value of CribAdvisor is great as it helps students make more informed decisions. Many students rent a property for the first time so they are naive and inexperienced. They do not know what to expect and how to act when things go wrong. On the other hand, like TripAdvisor and, CribAdvisor will definitely add to property service innovation and make the relationships between tenants and landlords more transparent and effective.


Many graduates tend to complete a post-graduate degree. By renting a tenancy that meets their requirements, post-graduate students can minimise the risk of battling a landlord. Thus, students can devote all their time to learning instead of dealing with tenancy disputes.


Addressing the issues of property standards is not the only factor that distracts post-graduate students from learning. Many of them have to balance a Masters or PhD degree with part-time or full-time work. In this situation students have to take all the help they can get to succeed. If you think you don’t have enough time to spend on getting your academic degree, we are here to help make your learning more efficient. Our company provides a wide range of services starting from practical tips on how to write a good assignment to dissertation writing services. Protection Status