Pros & Cons of Making Universities Free for British Students

Although the British higher education system is highly effective, there is still no consensus upon whether the government should provide education services for free. Here are some pros and cons of making Universities free for national students.


  • Charging students for higher education services provided by unis is the only certain way to guarantee a constant source of funding. UK public spending on education is a less reliable source because of political and social uncertainties.
  • It is impossible to ensure the quality of higher education services without fees. With so many individuals going to university, public spending wouldn’t cover all the expenditures on education.
  • With the introduction of fees, the cap on student numbers has been removed. This means that competition for university places has become less tough and individuals from poorer backgrounds now have more ample opportunities to enter a university.
  • British colleges and universities should charge students because it is a fair way to fund them. Only those individuals who benefit from higher education and consider it important should pay for it. By contrast, it would be unfair to pay for higher education through taxation.


  • Education is one of the fundamental human rights so the government has a duty to provide its citizens with free higher education.
  • Providing higher education services for free is a way to improve social mobility. If education is free, then more individuals have access to it and low income is no more a barrier. In addition, by making higher education services free of charge, universities can reduce the disparity between students.
  • Fees for higher education can negatively affect students’ financial health, which would in turn lead to more severe consequences, including mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.
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