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NEWS: Don’t Be Afraid of Giving Wrong Answers to Professors!

We are all striving to build a better society without stereotypes where all individuals have equal rights and opportunities. The Ohio House is definitely committed to this aim since it has recently approved legislation, which would protect student rights to religious expression in public schools. This legislation is reported to allow students to give scientifically wrong answers due to religion.


Although this news might seem to push the protection of religious expression a little too far, you can easily find other areas where ambiguity is not really a bad thing. Take marketing or management theories for example. Do they explain what processes and principles stand behind a particular marketing or management phenomenon? Yes, they do. But do they prescribe only one explanation or way of thinking? The answer to this question is no.


This is exactly why you shouldn’t be afraid of giving wrong answers to your professor. Sure, your answer should be relevant and topic-specific. Think of this metaphor: you can’t speak about apples if your question is about bananas. However, don’t be shy to put some creativity in your work. If you are asked about apples, why not to speak about red ones and green ones? Why do you like red apples more than green ones? In the end, it is not your answer that matters, it is the way of your thinking that earns you a mark.


To get a really high mark, you need to think broadly. You need to take a step further every time you are assigned with an academic task. You need to find gaps and limitations and analyse and synthesise information constantly to impress your professor. We are here because we know how to make it possible. We provide a range of academic writing services from essay writing help to dissertation writing to make your work more creative.