Top Mobile Apps to Improve Focus and Productivity

One crucial part of a student’s life is to invest the right amount of time in developing focus and productivity. With the world emerging from a digital revolution, most of us use mobile apps for easing out our day to day activities. Gone are the days when students had to spend hours in the library or make paper flashcards before an examination. The introduction of educational apps has made this hectic process much simpler.

From taking notes in class, right through to revision, the below list explores different mobile apps which can effectively improve the focus and productivity of students at university while streamlining all the study material in one place.


  1. Brainscape

An app developed with the help of cognitive science research, Brainscape excels in generating online flashcards to make studying more efficient. Brainscape guarantees that every concept is repeated the right number of times to offer maximum benefit to a student’s brain. Users can even rate their level of confidence for every flashcard on a scale from 1 to 5, and the app optimises itself with the user’s personal study stream. Its great features such as Active Recall, Spaced Repetition and Metacognition boosts the focus and productivity of students. While the free version helps students in creating their own flashcards and accessing numerous user-generated cards, the paid version gives unlimited access to premium content, special features and removes ads from the app.


  1. My Study Life

My Study Life is a life-saving app for students who wish to reduce the complexity of juggling between lectures, tasks, revision notes and exams. It is not just an online version of a paper planner; it also offers a lot more to help university students stay on top of their schedules without missing any important deadlines. Apart from sending reminders about the upcoming events, the best part of this app is that it can seamlessly sync your data across all your devices and allows the user to access data in both online and offline modes.


  1. OneNote

An excellent app to record a lecture and snap photos while writing your notes on your device using your finger or a stylus, Microsoft’s OneNote is ideal for students who wish to access the app from various devices. As the app can be connected with a Microsoft account, students can easily backup their notes to Office 365 and OneDrive. From highlighting to organising notes by diving into sections and pages, the app allows easy navigation and search during revision. 


  1. Mendeley

Mendeley is one of the widely used apps for discovering the latest research, managing your own research and collaborating with others. As this app works perfectly with a PDF reader, it helps students in importing material from various journals and research articles required for a paper at one place. It also suggests users relevant papers based on their personal readings and is helpful in automatically generating bibliographies, citations and references in different journal styles.


  1. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha can answer all the queries of university students no matter which course they have enrolled for. It uses a wide collection of data and algorithms to provide accurate answers. All you have to do is just type in a formula, math problem or simply a question and you will get accurate answers from different sources with clear instructions on how the answer arrived. It also helps users to browse through the latest trends and implement new ideas with a single click.


  1. SimpleMind Pro

SimpleMind offers students with unique layouts to generate helpful mind maps by breaking down the chapters into simple infographics which can be used for brainstorming. This user-friendly and interactive app allows users to add media to the mind maps in the form of images, videos and voice memos. Students can even export their mind maps in an image or a PDF layout and sync it using Dropbox or Google Drive to use it over other devices. 


  1. Scanner Pro

An excellent app for iPhone and iPad, scanner pro replaces bulky hardware scanner with a portable mobile PDF scanner. It uses the camera on the device to take photos of the document and automatically adjusts its geometry and eliminates shadows.  Users can easily scan the desired pages in high quality using their phone and either turn it to PDF files or extract text from paragraphs in seconds. These files can even be saved on your preferred cloud storage and can be easily edited on your device.


  1. GoConqr

GoConqr is an excellent app for students who wish to find all learning resources such as mind maps, quizzes, flashcards, flowcharts, notes, slides and courses in a single place. With a library consisting of more than 9 million resources and a community of over 4 million users, GoConqur allows students to explore resources, collaborate and connect with learners and educators within their community or on a global platform.


  1. Dragon Anywhere

A dictation app, Dragon Anywhere can be efficiently used with mobile devices for creating documents simply by dictating them in your own voice. The app works well for university students as there is no word limit and students can create documents of any length. Additionally, the documents can also be edited using voice commands. This app is backed up with powerful voice recognition and provides 99% accurate editing and formatting results. The app comes along with some noteworthy features such as a correction menu to easily correct the spelling in the text and train words feature where the app adapts the communication skills of its user.


  1. MyScript Calculator

A modern day calculator which can be easily installed on both Android and iOS mobile phones, MyScript Calculator provides for all math related problems. You just have to scribble down a calculation as you would do on a paper and the app will automatically come up with its solution. From editing a calculation to storing your previous calculations in the history bar, this app works impeccably for all students. As the app also gives an option to either opt for an automatic conversion and calculation or manually do the calculation, it helps users in solving and rectifying their math problems. Protection Status